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nodules affecting surfing! OMG!

May 21, 2008 - 5 comments










ok, so i absolutely love surfing - hence my username! and the weathers getting warmer and there was an easterly wind today creating the best surf i've seen this spring in south of England, so i rushed to beach with my cousin and put my wet suit on and  OMG! i couldn't do the wetsuit up around my neck cos it's tight and pressing on my nodules and making me cough and uncomfortable!

i didn't let it beat me though,i love surfing too much! i had to leave the zip half undone so it's loose around my neck and my cousin has to tie a bit of string around it to hold it in place! only trouble was that every time i came off the board i had a gush of very cold water down the back of my suit as i've left it loose around the neck so it's not water tight! had about 30 mins of excellent surf and then had to come in as too cold and uncomfortable!

decision made, if my thyroid is affecting my surfing it has definately got to come out! (which it is, thank god)

just hope it doesn't put me out of action for too long so i can get back in there :)

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by ChitChatNine, May 21, 2008
Since you are physically fit before surgery,  I am hoping it won't be too too long until you are up and surfing again .. however you will be amazed at just how many neck muscles are involved when they do the surgery  .. your neck is stretched back for 2hrs in a very unatural position ... so all those muscles hurt afterwards even worse than the incision at times!

What a great journal entry ..... sorry about the wetsuit ..... ick .....  :(

Cheryl (Thyroid Co-CL - partial thyroidectomy 1/07)

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by jeblondon, May 21, 2008
Well done you!!!! Just you wait until after the op' - you will be back in the water in no time and maybe we have a summer for you to enjoy it minus wet suit!!!!!
J x

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by helsurf, May 22, 2008
ooh yeah, by the time i'm all healed it will be hot summer and i can go in in just a bikini! - though i think i will pinch some waterproof dressings from work to cover the incision for a few months afterwards to stop anything nasty from the sea getting near it!

i must remember to ask my surgeon how long till i can get back to sufing!! - hopefully not too long :)

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by paisleydragonfly, Jun 02, 2008
Suttyjane sounds a little bitter...dont let her comments scare you. Talk to your doctor and get some more information, but those risks aren't that common. She is quite a bit older than you and based on her profile with many other health problems. I had thyroid cancer (a different type in each gland) and was 4 months pregnant when they performed the surgery with no problems. You might have some issues getting your thyroid levels regulated at first, but I'm guessing you'll be back in the water in 4-6 weeks tops! I don't think you're doing the surgery for "vanity" reasons (and even if you are, that's okay) also the longer you have nodules, the higher your risk for developing cancer. Good Luck!  

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by 898, Jun 03, 2008
The irrigation by hyposaline (sp) solution i is actually helping the wound to heal better.

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