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OMG, finally got some serious sleep

Aug 18, 2009 - 4 comments

I got six hours last night on Ambien CR. I honestly didn't think this medication would work for me because my problem seems to be primary RLS (in the arms) related to withdrawal. I was hesitant to take it because the doc said "Trazodone or Ambien, not both", and the Trazadone had been giving me 4 hours most nights. I thought without a strong quick tired feeling I wouldn't be able to overwhelm that terrible RLS feeling enough to drop off. However, I did exactly what you're supposed to do - take the pill at bedtime, make the room dark, lie in one position, stay still, think relaxing thoughts, and doze off. So, I slept from 10:00pm-4:00am and then just hung out in bed awake until 6am. I really really hope this works out again tonight. I've been exercising like a madman to try to overwhelm the fatigue I'm experiencing, but that's only going to work if I get some sleep once in a while.

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by slippedup, Aug 21, 2009
Not getting sleep was definitely one of the worst symptoms of the withdrawels. I take my 10 mg ambien and usually sleep from 11:00pm to 5:00 or 6:00am. It has really been a life saver. Hope you can get the relief you need soon.

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by NautyOne, Aug 21, 2009
LoL.......that is too funny......when you see your title on the "recent activity" side it says......"I finally got Some"  I thought it was something else........lmao!!!!

I was a little deflated when I saw the rest, but hey, I am glad you got some....."sleep".......:-))))


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by thmpn8r, Aug 22, 2009
Hey, I too have been experiencing RLS in the arms!!!!!  I went and got hyland's homepathic restfull legs product and it has done wonders for me!!!!  I still haven't managed to sleep without a sleep aid but I couldn't even get that far with the Lunesta until I went and got that product.....  Just thought I would suggest aids to allow you to get even more sleep!!!!  I have been averaging 5 to 7 hrs. for the last 4 nights since I got the Hyland's and it has been SO GREAT!!!!!  I am 9 days off the fent patch and norco 10's and have been trying to use exercise to flush/fatigue myself so I can sleep.....  This totally has helped me......

Glad to hear the Ambien is working for ya and keep trudging forward!!!!!

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by bkwrm679, Aug 22, 2009
Hey Everybody - thanks for the support - it's definitely helpful!!! I've got to try that Hyland's - I haven't hit the 7 hour mark yet - that's phenomenal!

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