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Jul 15, 2014 - 6 comments








My niece started an argument over nothing.  but i am always wrong.  she told me if i put her out i would go to a nursing home.  she said one loved me anyway.  i went to my room crying her daughter jess told her mom that was not right to talk to me like that.  she did apologize to me.  but i have an feeling something is going on.  she overslept on my last 2 doctors appointments.  i am sure she will blame it on me.  i called my doctors office and talked to his nurse.  she told me she could not putme away  without the doctors. ok.  but he likes her and never listens to me.  the nurse asked me who had medical power of attorney i said she did she said get it changed.  and my power of attorney changed. i dont have anyone that would or could trust unless my next door neighbor. would help. i have known her for years.  when they moved in next door she was a young girl. she is married and always took care of her mom and dad. every sunday she took her mom to church.  so she got the house with the understanding if someone else needs the house they can live there.i wrote her the other day and was upset and scared and worried.  she came over that evening.  they were talking she said where is charlene she said in her room.  she just came on in and hugged me and she wanted to make sure i was ok.  if fact she always checks when she has not seen me in a while.  i know i can trust her. what should ii do.  no mom no dad no husband.  my sis and b ro in law never call and were wanting to put mom away.  i would not let them.  i kept her til the end. with the help of hospice.  i am worried what todo. please help me i need advise. mandy876    charlene

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by greengirl563, Jul 15, 2014
I think that you should ask your neighbor if they will take on the responsibility of medical power of attorney and power of attorney.

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by sara12345, Jul 15, 2014
I think that the nurse had it right.  You need someone else to be medical power of attorney and power of attorney.  You can't trust your niece's moods.  And I would greatly trust your neighbor.  I would ask her to do it.  

Find out how to do it by calling your doctor's office..  Perhaps it could be mailed to you, but you may need to have a witness to verify it.  If that is difficult for you, that may be able to be done at your doctor's office.  I don't know. You could put it to your neighbor that IF she wanted something to take you to your next doctor appointment to sign the new medical power of attorney and power of attorney, you would be willing to pay her something.  Then ask her how much she would like.  She may say that it's not necessary.  If she asks for what you think is too much, tell her that your budget is very limited.  But isn't it worth it to give something to your neighbor instead of giving so much to your niece and her daughter who do so little for you?  That would also give her the opportunity to sit with you at your doctor's appointment, instead of your niece.  That is if you and she think that it is a good idea.  

Just some thoughts for you.  You take care.

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by mandy876, Jul 17, 2014
it has to have 3 witnesses and notarized preferably by a lawyer.  i am really worried. the doctor always agrees with her no matter what i say or try to say,  i asked once if they wanyed me to go out and come back in si i cold do some takjing.  i asked the urse am i here.  she just smile. i left the office crying the doctor just looked at me and never said a word.  so i really am scared. thak you sara hope you are doing better we have had our grandson all summer.  i think he mght go home on the 25th..  he lost his jub he just got a huge raise at. 36.00 a hour.  i thought if he makkes so mch mney why is he always broke. i hope they arengt working together on anything.  i cant say much to my doctor he will beleve her and think i am losing it.  this week we have gone too the lake 3 times and toputt putt and fun pplace wich iis combined.  loga is tall and got toride the bigger go carts.  he was so excited.  he asked tammy where i was she showed me. and he smiled as he went bt.  i love him so much..  i am kind of stressed out.  you take care friend charlene

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by Nighthawk61, Jul 17, 2014
Sorry you're so stressed out cha cha. I think it is a good idea to see if your neighbour would be power of attorney. The other thing is this. IF there comes a time that you are unable to look after yourself, who is going to arrange for services in home? You need to talk about this to someone. About what is available and how you could afford it, how much it would cost etc. I think the girl next door would be far more help to you to figure these things out. and make you sleep better knowing it's handled.

Tammy is too up and down. Hope you feel better friend. Liz

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by mandy876, Jul 17, 2014
hi liz   i have told her if the doctor says i dont have longto live i want hospice. but she cant remember what happens yesterday.  she isthe only family left that cares.  my sis was so warpped upn her self she didot have time when daddy was dying and my mom was dying.  she said she went over all thetime the 7 months that daddy was so.  bad i told her no you were not they went over there 3 times.  she called mom and mom said no sugar you only cae 3 times.  she called me back crying saying she thought she did more.  then when the hospitalsaid they cold do no more for momi brought her home against their will they told me they would force me to put her in a nursing home.they did not..they caMEver 2 or 3 times her husvand must have said something to her. she called me and said what do you want me to doome over there and stare at her. i no just be a daughter.guess i betterclose. love chacha

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by mandy876, Jul 21, 2014
why are people getting so cold hearted.  they dont seem to care about anyone.  i feel so alone. now with my niece and kids moving in and one is hyper and has anger problems.  we are going to get him to a doctor before school starts up.  these problems whould have been taken care of a few years ago.  i think she took him to 1 doctor a few minths back.  dont know came of that.  they fight and argue constantly.  when they left to go home he said he wanted to stay.  she asked him why, hw said i am sick and tired of you and  daddu arguing all the time.  he says i try to stop them but they dont listen. i am sure this has a lot to do with his anger.  he is still here has been since school got out.  he just talks about beating people up and said he could hurt them bad if he wanted to.  i love him the anger is getting more frequent.just needed tovent.  

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