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They transferred 2

Aug 20, 2009 - 23 comments

Well, 6 of the 8 made the thaw. Two went to 6day blasts. They are the 2 I got. I begged for one more, but he wouldn't do it. He said that if they were 3 or 5 day, he would consider it. But, they are 6 day and doing great. So, now the wait begins.......

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294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Aug 20, 2009
Good luck and SSBD!!!
Can't wait for Tina's POAS updates.

764229 tn?1322519884
by Juliaschill, Aug 20, 2009
best wishes for a BFP!!

159063 tn?1247272817
by babyprayers, Aug 20, 2009
so now your like 8DPO. 6 days is a wonderful thing good luck

Avatar universal
by pertykitty, Aug 20, 2009
tina i know this will be it and i wish you the best!!!!  i will be sitting on pins and needles waiting to see pics of your bfp!!

254689 tn?1251180040
by 40smama, Aug 21, 2009
Oh Tina, I'm praying hard for your BFP!  I have a very good feeling that this cycle will be it - six days is wonderful!  No wonder your re would only transfer two.  We're all pulling for you - thinking good, positive thoughts, jen

184622 tn?1258556367
by baboojamaica, Aug 21, 2009
OMG!! Tina, those sound wonderful!  I can just feel it- twins!!  I am praying so hard for you and Tim- you deserve this so much.  SSBD!!!

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Aug 21, 2009
It already feels like an eternity waiting. It seems so far away til beta. Of course, there will be plenty of poas. Probably starting Sun or Mon, lol. IF I can make it that long, hee hee.

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Aug 21, 2009
I am so dang excited for you. Cannot wait to see your BFP post. :)

588676 tn?1317820597
by Maddiesmom0801, Aug 21, 2009
How do you feel Tina?  I am so excited for you!!!!  When is your Beta scheduled for?  I cannot wait until you get the good news!!!

Avatar universal
by mlb1234, Aug 21, 2009
Praying you get your BFP!!  We will all be over the moon when it happens!!!

151928 tn?1275707337
by dainsey, Aug 21, 2009
Oh good luck Tina!!  I will say a ton of prayers for you that both stick and you get darling little twins :-)  If not two, then we'll all be satisfied with 1!!!  ha ha...

405370 tn?1332206110
by Houston79, Aug 21, 2009
I will be praying for you.  You have waited sooo long!

189192 tn?1261341628
by Tanker Chic, Aug 21, 2009
Oh Tina, I have been so bad about keeping up with what is going on these days, I didn't even realize.  I am so happy and excited for you, I cannot wait to see your you BFP post, gestation sac post and first HB post.. I cannot wait.. contrats!! I'm sure since all the focus on Octomom they are being much more cautious about number of transfers...  although I thought 3 was pretty common for 40+.  

Best of luck hon!!

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Aug 21, 2009
Good luck! I hope they are sticky!

901246 tn?1281109626
by joal, Aug 21, 2009
Wishing you luck on a BFP! How exciting!

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Aug 21, 2009
The normal protocol is more transferred after 40, you are right Tanker. But, these were not my own eggs nor Tim's sperm. So they go by the donor's age. She was 23. If they were mine I'd make them transfer 10, lol. And, probably still wouldn't get a bfp.

847328 tn?1289783114
by piggy2, Aug 22, 2009
too funny Tina!  Put in 10 now darn it!  We are all pulling for you.  Are you taking any time off?  After my ET I took a week off (I obviously am not going on any vacations soon) and just chilled like a big 'ol couch potato.  When I went back to work (in a hospital) my legs hurt.  I must have taken it too easy!!!!!!!!

Avatar universal
by lavenderdeb, Aug 23, 2009
Let's hope it's a BFP Tina, good luck and hope you get what you wish for  whether it's twins or a boy or a  girl. blessed be to you. And do not over do it you are a special person to your hubby.
best wishes.

Avatar universal
by mamaofonetrying42, Aug 25, 2009
Good Luck Tina!!!! I hope you get your bfp!!!

148691 tn?1260194903
by vsentz, Aug 25, 2009
OH MY GOSH!!! Tina, you're gonna kill us here in the wait for you. I don't think I would make it 2 days past transfer without even peeing on something!! (or someone... lol) If you decide to let your bladder go on some sort of stick, please run to the keyboard right after (well, wash your hands first hun because if you're anything like I used to be... you'll be all over your hand) and type what you saw!!!! =))

You know we love you girl! we are pulling for you this time also! but the difference is that this time IS IT! =))


Avatar universal
by SueGre, Aug 25, 2009
When is your beta?

318181 tn?1336443496
by Heather5, Aug 27, 2009
Tina, any updates? Got my fingers crossed for ya! SSBD!!!


Avatar universal
by SueGre, Aug 28, 2009
I'm so freakin' nervous! What time did they say they would call???

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