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Jul 25, 2014 - 0 comments

I use to be a very out going person until the day that my whole like stopped. I was diagnosed with Fibromyagia, I had no idea what that was or what my life with it would be like, But I did know that my life had changed. I could no longer do the things that I really Loved to do and walking, sleeping, and cleaning house was Out of the Question of doing anymore. I am one that likes a Clean Home and I am so mad that I can't do that anymore.
I have lost interest in all the things I Loved to do. It's not fun anymore, due to the pain I am in all the time. Life isn't Fun at all. Sleeping has been a problem for me since I was a teen but, it has just gotten worse as I get older. Thyroid problems were brought on from the Fibro, along with degenerating vertebras in your back. Thyroid goes up too high, then goes too low, it has never been on a normal or good level since 2010.
Back issues, I have a Neuro-Stimulator implanted into my back that helps with pain and helps me to walk without a chain or walker. This year if this hadn't have been done I would be in a Wheel chair. I Thank God Everyday for my pain management doctor never giving up with my insurance to get this fully approved. I Still have good days and bad, but nothing like before. When the weather changes, I have sever Migrains to deal with, that's not fun either. I have them so bad that I have to go to bed, in a dark room. They get so bad sometimes, that I throw-up and can't stop, that's when the trip to the ER comes in. Neuro doc wants to do the Botox injections in my head but my insurance won't approve it, So I Suffer. I hate feeling this way all the time. I want my Old life back.

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