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Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy with Dye Insufflation

Aug 23, 2009 - 1 comments




Thank heavens I caved in and agreed to have the lap.  Turns out I had adhesions on my right ovary which were covering it and attaching it to the wall of my abdomen.  I always O out of my right side!  No wonder we werent getting pregnant!  Dr Lee was so sweet and supportive.  I really trust the man now and leave the rest of our treatment in his capable hands.  

I did some research at 2 in the morning last night and discovered that 15-20% of all unexplained female infertility is caused by adhesions!  I PRAY that is what was holding us up.  

Currently I'm on CD 11.  Normally around now my bbt really starts to drop, but thankfully it hasnt as of yet.  Looks like the surgery has bumped back O a little bit.  That is awesome news.  It will give me a little more chance to heal up before we BD.  We are FOR SURE gonna give it a try this month.  Between the freshly cleared tubes, no more adhesions, the delayed O giving my lining more chance to grow and the help of the acupuncturist, I dont see any reason why things shouldnt work!  Except for DH working out of town this week.  LOL!  I guess I will just wait for my LH  surge and tell him to get his butt home PRONTO!

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by Rosemamas, Dec 31, 2009
Try serrapeptase-on an empty stomach-will help with removing scar tissue.  It is an enzyme.

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