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thryoid levels

May 23, 2008 - 1 comments

thyroid levels

Tsh .40-4.6 (mine  0.68)
T3  25-35 (mine 29.1)

T4-0.8-1.8 (mine 1.3)

Not sure what these mean, although lab says "normal." I HATE that word! Normal does NOT mean normal for ME!!!! aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

I'm still trying to understand all this thyroid stuff, even though its been 5 years! Does low TSH mean Hypo or hyper thyroidism?
Does lower t3 mean I need cytomel or not?
Does normal t4 mean i need less, more or same amt of synthroid?

Does lower # of TSH and lower # of T4 mean somethings wrong?

I wish I had answers!!!!

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by MrsKT, Jun 19, 2008
Hi I'm hypothyroid too.
Low TSH would mean HYPERthyroid.
High TSH would mean HYPO.

But if your anywhere inbetween those numbers. Your in a healthy range.

My TSH is Just above the lowest number, but my T3 is high. I'm actualy too high, because I'm having Palpitations and extra heart beats. This was after a new Generic was substituted so I think it was more potent. It's not fun either. Anxiety, the whole nine yards.

Your levels sound perfect to me!
BUt I'm not a doctor, just a thyroid patient for over 10 years. :)

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