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Prayers needed to sell our home, please?!?

Aug 24, 2009 - 9 comments

MEDHELP moved this from the Pregnancy Forum where my 'cyber-friends' are, so I'm writing it here...thank you for taking the time to read it!

So, after wanting to move for years, DH finally agreed last week to talk to a realtor and sell our home.  As I was letting our neighbor know, she informed her neighbor who indicated an interest in buying it.  They came over today and genuinely seem to love the place and said that they just need to crunch numbers to see if they can afford it (They are renters of a duplex down the street).

I am asking for prayers, as it would be a HUGE blessing to have this sell without paying the realtor fees, etc. Not to mention the lack of stress on me for showings, open houses, etc. (I watch two children in my home and being 16 weeks pregnant, it is VERY stressful to even imagine having to 'clear out' in less than an hour's notice!)

I know that there are a number of women on this site who are very religious and while this isn't directly related to my pregnancy, it is related (a bigger home would go a LONG way to reduce the stress of bringing our baby home), so, if you could take a minute to say a prayer to St. Joseph or whomever that we sell this house quickly and with profit, I would be very grateful!  I could really use all the voices in heaven that I can get ;)

Thank you!

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229760 tn?1291467870
by rdh1981, Aug 24, 2009
Consider it done!!! Here's to a speedy sale!

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 24, 2009
Im no woman! But you are in my prayers! God can do the impossible!!! bs4c:

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Aug 24, 2009
I sure hope u get a speedy sale. :) That would be fantastic. Out house was on the market for a year and we had 2 offers and both fell through. Now that I am 16 weeks we decided to try again next year.   I agree w/ you it is stressful and a major pain in the butt.   You are in my thoughts!

525485 tn?1314361301
by Lance06, Aug 24, 2009
Im not a religious person, but will pray your house sells. My mother was just telling me the other day that she personally knows two women who took a statue of St. Joseph and buried it upside down facing their house and their house sold very quickly!! I guess its supposed to help?

216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Aug 24, 2009
Stephanie...that's funny! We buried St. Joseph last night ;) And I've lit a St. Joseph candle to burn until it goes out on its own or the house sells ;)

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Aug 24, 2009
We buried a St. Joseph. I hope u have better luck than we did. ;)  

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Aug 24, 2009
Wow, want to trade? Lol. You want a bigger house and we want a smaller one. We're hoping to sell by next Summer once my daughter graduates and move to something smaller. I know the economy is a buyers market right now though so my husband's worried we would lose on the house.
Saying a prayer that your house sells for a good price! :)

184342 tn?1282588750
by tatorbug40, Aug 24, 2009
my mom got married in April-  in July they listed her new husbands house and were hoping it would sell over the summer, so that his kids, all high schoolers, could get moved over the summer and settled and they wouldn't have to worry about it during the school year-  their realitor told them it would probably take 3 months-  they sold it in 2 weeks for their asking price!  I should call my mom and ask her to pray for you!  her prayers seem to work well!  :)

720547 tn?1282619932
by birdiewebb, Aug 25, 2009
Here's to a speedy sale!!! Good luck and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

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