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MS Symptoms and Copper deficiency

Aug 01, 2014 - 5 comments



MS symptoms






copper deficiency







I am a 27-year-old healthy male who two years ago started to get some strange unexplained symptoms.

These symptoms were tiny dull aches and pains in my arms and legs and also pins and needles to start with and a feeling or being tired and sometimes weakness of the extremity’s.

I remember noticing my neck being stiff and achy but assumed it was just from maybe being ill with flu or a sinus infection.

I went to the Doctor who I mentioned to that I suffer from anxiety from time to time and explained some of my symptoms to which he recommended I started Anti depressants, which I started after he had sent me for a CT scan of the brain with the iodine injection which came back all fine.

Whilst spending a month on these anti depressants I was watching a movie and let a pillow fall and cover one side of my face to which I noticed color saturation difference, at first I didn’t quite understand what was going on but I was worried enough to return to the Doctor who sent me to an eye specialist.  I wasn’t completely sure of my eye saturation problem just that I knew something was wrong and I was there given a lot of different tests to check my eyes and the back of them I.E Retinal images and the peripheral test as well.  All tests taken came back fine and the specialist recommended I go away and come back in a few months time if the problem persists……… Frustrating I know but when a professional tells you that and your Doctor is telling you that you’re depressed and thinks you are a hypochondriac it’s an uphill battle.

Now I had been told and was aware it isn’t always best to Google your symptoms as it can be like opening a can of worms but I didn’t have many options left and was still aware of these strange symptoms going on.

I started to read a learn a little about these Symptoms and one thing kept coming up MS, now excuse me for being uneducated at the time with any form of neurological disorders but I was completely unaware of these and how they worked.

I started learning more about neurological disorders and MS symptoms and decided to return to the Doctor who has prescribed me Anti depressants to which by now I had stop taking. I told him that the pains and dull aches come and go but I do notice that the effect of light and sunlight to my eyes changes the saturation of both eyes and that I would like to see a neurologist. After arguing with him he decided to send me to one after seeing by now I was desperate for an answer!!!!!

I went to see a neurologist who asked me in detail questions about my health and body and he then proceeded to do the touch, pull and push tests to which I done with ease. He then told me that as I had gone through all this trouble he was going to get me to take an MRI of my brain, neck and spine and to also take an VEP which stands for Visual Evoked Potential a test which is commonly used to check for Scar damage of the optic nerve and found in a high percentage of MS sufferers.

Over the next two months I took the two tests and awaited results. I waited and I waited and heard nothing from the neurologists so I phoned and asked and the receptionists were always unhelpful and non empathetic.  I had to explain that I suffer with anxiety and have been waiting on these results for a long time……… The receptionist had changed on my sixth call to this young lady that explained to me if the Neurologists find anything serious they must let patients know within 48 hours…. The little relief I got from that was pushed away by her mentioning I have been asked to see the neurologist.  I went in as soon as I could and when with the neurologist he explained that my tests had come back ok and that there was no sign of lesions, which are scars of the nerves for any layman’s out there and that my latency on my VEP was ordinary……… relief he said that sometimes people have phantom symptoms and that I am fine and to go away and try to not think about it.

Two months later and I was still getting strange Symptoms and new ones also muscle twitching of all areas of the body and stiffness in my wrists. I wondered if maybe I was allergic to something and that was causing my strange symptoms I decided to see an allergy specialist who also told me nothing I didn’t already know!!!!  I was running out of ideas and decided to try and put these dull aches and strange symptoms to the back of my mind and get on with my life and some weeks I felt a lot better than others I gave up coffee and kept my mind busy but every once in a while these symptoms would return and run havoc with in my day to day life.

I decided I was going to do some research into MS and I did exactly that learning some very interesting things that are not easily found on the internet I.E MS mimics!!! There are many other diseases; viruses and deficiency’s that cause your body to have MS symptoms here are some that are more common.

Limes disease which is caused from a certain Tic in America mostly that when bites you can cause you to contracts this horrible disease that if not treated right away can cause havoc on your nerves.
B12 deficiency is another one, which can cause havoc on your nerves.

Lupus and ADEM, which are both serious and not understood completely.

The reason I decided to check for other problems rather than MS directly is because my neurologist had told me my tests had come back ok! I was aware that Optical neuritis usually effects one eye only and my saturation was in both eyes depending on the direction of sunlight or other sources of light.

This all happened over a period of two years and after two years of going through this ordeal which was driving me crazy I was running out of options. I kept thinking maybe its Limes because before I moved to Australia I had been in South America traveling and also in America.  

I didn’t go straight away back to my Doctor, as I was worried with the results from the neurologists and the numerous times he had seen me he would just think I’m going mad!

I waited and after a great bit of advice from a good friend I decided to change my doctor who made me feel guilty every time I went into his practice. A couple of things I had learnt from all this were Doctors Don’t really know what’s going on with you unless its visible to their own eye I being very naïve and not seeing a doctor much over my life time expected him to know and tell me exactly what’s going on not send me to specialists or try and put me on unnecessary tablets!!!!

I decided to write all my symptoms down and also write down all the other possibilities to which it could be that is causing these symptoms and then to ask the new doctor if they could test me for all of these with still Limes disease in my mind and that hope that it was not MS after all as I had convinced myself that it was.

The new Doctor I saw was very empathetic of my story and could see I was healthy in all other ways and that this was affecting me greatly, she also was surprised by how much I knew about Neurological disorders and said she will give me blood tests for absolutely everything she could which might be effecting me.

I had 5 blood vials taken and was told to return in a week when the results would be back.  A week came round and I was nervous and apprehensive in fact I was scared because if this doctor was to tell me that everything was ok I would have had no other options or doors to turn too.

After returning to the practice the doctor sat me down and went through all my results with me telling me everything was fine except one thing, I was low in COPPER to which I didn’t understand and had not heard of before even after two years of reading up about Neurological symptoms online.  She told me that copper deficiency can cause problems with your nerves and she recommended I tried taking a copper supplements for a few months and see how I get on.

I left the practice in shock and still in denial that this little issue was causing all these problems as I had mentioned before I was convinced it was MS!!!!

I immediately read up on Copper deficiency and was shocked to see that it said people with this deficiency would be suffering from MS symptoms and a like and that it is very rare and not understood very well.

I decided to order some Copper tablets in and take them and see how I felt it has now been over six months and the Symptoms have died down I sometimes get the odd symptom but it doesn’t feel progressive and it certainly has made life a lot more bearable. I am aware that nerve damage is quite irreversible and that I wouldn’t completely go back to normal but it’s taken a lot of stress and worry of my mind!!!

I guess from writing this I just hope it helps out anyone else out there that might be going through the same hellish ordeal that I did. I am also sorry that this story is long winded but it couldn’t be explained in a single paragraph, I also took a while to write this post, as I was in disbelief that a simple deficiency could cause all this!!! If anyone has any questions please contact me and I will try and be as helpful as possible and tell you all that I know.  

I hope all you people out there suffering in anyway like I did find the answer you are looking for and can put your minds at peace. I know all so well that searching Google for your Symptoms can send you round in circles and drive you insane.



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by Nick202020, Apr 10, 2015
Hey mate how are you?. My name is Nick and I'm 28 years old. I been having problems for a year now. I was at the gym and I felt weakness in my arm slightly. During the next six months, I started developing muscle twitching all over my body, anxiety for no reason what so ever, constipation, dandruff, tinnitus so I decided to see 2 neurologist and both performed these ridiculous excercises that I passed with ease. I still believe I have parkinsons like you believed you have m.s. I wake up in the morning feeling stiff and confused throughout the day with twitching. I looked into copper deficiency a week ago and realised the first sign of a copper deficiency is premature grey hair as copper is required for the thyroid to function and without it hypothyroidism occurs. Anyway I been taking chelated copper for a week slight improvement I think. I was wondering how are you getting along right now mate.

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by Michelestired, May 03, 2017
Hi, I feel your pain, the doctors have been doing the same thing to me for over ten years and just in the last few months discovered I'm in congestive heart failure! And have been for years. But like with you, they thought my fatigue, brain fog, etc., were "depression" and went to the stupid antidepressants also.
I'm so angry and frustrated . We still don't know what's caused it (I'm only 49!) so I am also looking into the copper thing - my thyroid went hyper about ten years ago as well... but is apparently "fine" now.  If we want real medical care... we are much of the time, the ones who have to do the research and pray someone will check. I hope things get better for you and continue to do so.
I was also wondering,,, can you tell me what your strange symptoms were ,,, like did half of you're face get numb or hands get a severe burning sensation when washing hands in "lukewarm" water?
Thanks, Michele

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by Christiaan1974, May 26, 2017
Hi David

I totally recognize your story. I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with copper deficiency two weeks ago after a nightmarish course of a few months where my body has had all the symptoms you explained. I have now started on tablets two weeks ago and now real improvement yet, but I guess it takes time..

Anyways, would love to hear how you are doing, as very few have experienced this. Also, how long will it take to see improvements?


Avatar universal
by supermoo524, May 27, 2017
I apologise for not replying to any of these comments,I have since changed my email address and by luck was just checking my old email and saw people had replied to this, Nick did you ever find out what was wrong? If you guys have any questions or just wanna talk and get some reassurance please don't hesitate to email me on ***@****

Avatar universal
by supermoo524, May 27, 2017
david @ ddmcommunications . com " some how this website doesn't allow me to write it properly!?

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