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I have some good news!

Aug 25, 2009 - 6 comments

Had a cat scan done the first part of August.  Picked up the disc today.  When I looked at it I got so excited to discover that the hydronephrosis was gone in my right kidney.  All of the balloon area was completely gone.  This is exactly what I've been praying for.  Praise God, He is the Lord God my Healer!

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by TrudieC, Aug 25, 2009

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by harrypotamus, Mar 30, 2010
that's great to hear! good luck x

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by cjay1056, Jul 09, 2010

Good news don't comeby so easily though, but it did after a scan
feel happy for you and be strong always.

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by suzaaa24, Jan 06, 2012
Thanks be to God

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by OldFatChick, Oct 28, 2012
Awesome news, Karajo. I love to hear when good things happen! Thanks for sharing the good news with us. It sometimes seems as if there is no good news.

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by karajo, Oct 28, 2012
Thanks OldFatChick.  How have you been?  I saw where you commented that you lost your job.  I'm sorry to hear that.  Did your illness contribute to that?  I've been pretty good.  This time of the year it seems like symtpoms flare up a little more.  Don't know if it's the change in weather or the cold.  I hate the cold.  I'm already freezing all the way to the bone.  

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