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What would I say on my death bed, would I have any regrets

Aug 01, 2014 - 0 comments











what ??

It's a weird thing to think of however being an addict I believe that if I didn't stop using death was around the corner, my health was going down my liver test so very high, it was a all a matter of time.

However not only concerning my addiction but my everyday life decisions over the last 3 weeks I've been clean and the few weeks before that I kept thinking, on my death bed would I be saying... things like I wish I had stopped months ago, cause I doubt I would be saying I'll give myself one more day to quit.

This lead me to taking off a week from work and going through home detox, as I thought I wouldn't be saying on my death, I wish i had worked through that detox instead of being at home taking care of my sick broken body.

I'm starting to know that I need to put my recovery first front seat then take care of everything else, cause I'm seeing once recovery comes together then thing start fitting back together..

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