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12 months post EOT - pretty much back to normal but have lingering sx

Aug 03, 2014 - 0 comments

that will probably be permanent?!?!!
No point going to a rheumo now. I have some "mild" positives. Not worth spending more $ on what it might be seeing as the tests aren't even conclusive. You can be experiencing problems but nothing shows up on the tests.
Am very disillusioned with the medical and pharmaceutical fraternity - they just prescribe more chemicals.
For now, the turmeric and Mg are having amazing results. I notice when I don't take either.
1 tsp turmeric (with curcumin still intact) 6 grinds of freshly ground black pepper and a tsp of flaxseed, olive or coconut oil to slow it's journey through the body. After seeing the miraculous effect on my geriatric horse I tried it on myself and it works.

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