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High School

Aug 25, 2009 - 4 comments

high school

Well, I was really freaking out about high school the whole summer. Now, for some reason, I'm super excited! I just went to orientation tonight and I pretty much figured out where all my classes are (on the map anyway). Most of my classes are really spread out throughout the school though. Haha, at least I know I'll get a workout! :) The only thing I'm really worried about is the fact that I don't know anybody is my lunch. None of my friends are in the same lunch! I'm really excited to start school next Monday. I have a feeling that these 4 years might be close to the best 4 years of my life. Haha. I was just writing this to tell everyone about my thoughts and feelings at the moment. You can comment on anything and feel free to just reassure me that everything will be okay (I still have a tiny amount of fear).

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by tbabi20, Aug 26, 2009
Haha it brings me back to my days at high school. I was a bit scared at first but honestly it lasts like a day. I was like you too, I had classes all over the school and once I got a detention for being late many times :(  Anyways, I'm glad your looking forward to it and that you think it'll be the best 4 years of your life. Trust be it gets even better than high school :D Soo don't skip and enjoy meeting new people. As i know you will be since none of your friends have the same lunch as you, but seriously it's good that you don't. Just remember "make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other gold" lol Kindergarten quote :D.

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by margypops, Aug 26, 2009
They will be the best or some of the best in your life,its great you are so excited, you will make some friends at Lunch once you settle in, good luck you have years of work and FUN ahead of you. Marg

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 26, 2009
The side of my high school ring is written in Latin and it says

"We only Cross this Bridge but Once"

You'll do fine!!!!


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by AnnieBrooke, Aug 26, 2009
Pay attention to likely looking girls (that you might begin to make friends with) in your class just before lunch, and after a few days you might notice which ones go to lunch right after that class.  You can then feel less isolated and begin to make friends with them by sitting with one of them, and then from there on you'll be able to notice new friends from other classes who have lunch at the same time too.  It doesn't take long.  You can even ask someone right on the first day, "Do you have lunch next period?  Want to go in together?"  Even if you don't stay friends for the whole school year, it helps to have someone to eat with those first few times, and they will probably feel that way too and be glad to have someone to go with.

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