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I'm off to see the Surgeon!! Pray for me!!!!

Aug 08, 2014 - 8 comments

Bad night.  No sleep.  Worst pain I've ever had compounded by a migraine.  But I'm off to see my surgeon and am praying she will see me in this state and feel all my lumps and bumps and hear the horror story that is the past few months of my life and take pity.
I'm really upset because my plan for a sub teacher for my classes in September doesn't look like it's gonna work out so I am more afraid than ever that I may lose the business I worked so hard to build.  It would break my heart like nothing else, the only thing that would be worse would be losing Andrew- but he's glued to my side (:
It's a road trip to the city with me, my mom, and Andrew.  I'm scared.
I'm trying to be positive.
I'm trying not to anticipate.
I'm trying to stay in the moment.
But I have A LOT riding on this appointment so my friends PLEASE SAY SOME PRAYERS FOR ME!
You've all been amazing and I could not have made it through the past few months without you.
Please say this works.  Please please please pretty please.
I will name my first born child after her if she operates sooner.  Do you think if I tell her this it will work???
OMG I'm deliriously tired.  This is the hour I usually go back to sleep.
The butcher knives are working me over good.
Into a hot shower I go.
I'm gonna wear a stretchy dress basically a tube of fabric because I'm too swollen to wear anything else.  I look pregnant.
I can't wait to be pregnant for real.
Last night I was talking to A about all the plays I want to do when I get better.  He just shook his head at me and said "Babe.  You gotta slow down and take care of yourself.  This is how you got here.  And we need to have a baby."
He's right.  So maybe just one or two plays.  And then a baby.
Our baby would be so amazingly beautiful.  We're a good looking couple (not to brag or anything) and incredibly intelligent and we're both pretty talented artists.
The kid would be super stubborn though.
I want this more than ANYTHING.
So eye on the prize Lu, eye on the prize.
I love you MH.  If you don't hear from me later it's because they admitted me to hospital.
So prayers please!!!!!!

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by weaver71, Aug 08, 2014
Yeah, let us know how it goes, as i know you will. You deserve a break today, sending positive vibes out to you and your surgeon. You made it to Friday, now to space and beyond!

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by nonights, Aug 08, 2014
Praying for your surgery for TODAY!

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by jugglin, Aug 08, 2014
Sending many prayers and good vibes your way!  Best of luck and keep us posted!

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by meegWpaw, Aug 08, 2014
wow!  you and A are like Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore!  you know?  beautiful and brilliant baby you'll have!  can I babysit?

I am saying my own kind of prayers for you

YES tell her you will name the baby after her

tell her anything!!!  anything she wants to hear

love you Lu



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by MyMelBgirl, Aug 08, 2014
Hey Lu
I hope your appointment goes well today. I can't wait till your in pain post op because that will mean there is an end in sight, that you will be able to work and try for that baby. You will be rewarded for your tenacity.  I've been thinking about you a lot lately and each time I do I make sure to ask for you to be out of pain and for your surgeon to realize this has gone on way too long. I'm really hoping for some good news today Lu. You need this surgery now!
Lots of love

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by meegWpaw, Aug 08, 2014
so?  whats goin on lil mama?

ohhh.  i hope it is going ok

love you.


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by jugglin, Aug 08, 2014
I'm with MP, hope u get a chance to post some good news!
Thinking about u and praying!

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by meegWpaw, Aug 08, 2014
sup SUP????




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