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questons regarding hpv

Aug 27, 2009 - 0 comments

Genital Warts







Hi i really worried about something...i have hpv Genital first outbreak was in march, i was pretty sure on who gave it to me but he says he doesnt have it, but he was the only person i have unprotected sex with we both got tested for everything all came bac negitive so how is it that i have it and he says he does.....also mines has cleared up been about 4 months, but i had an abnormal pap and i did a cro ( freeze abnormal cells) and like a couples days later(now) around my clitoris its like itchy andi dont know how to explain it it feels weird. it doesnt hurt when i pee or take a shower....i wanna know what it is or what it could be...i dont see and discharge...but under my armpits it have lymph this just the warts comin bac or should i be worried about something else.....i did have sex with this guy i was datin b4 i found out i had GW and gave it to him so sometimes we have unprotected sex.... im worry alot so i went and got an std testin and it came bac negitive....we hooked up again but i made sure he had a condom on but it popped....h pulled out so now im worried that it could be something else im thinking i should just make an appointment to goto the docs but schools comin around and im busy at the moment so i just wanna be reasured that its nothing new.....could it just be irratation from the scared out my mind f catching herpes, cus i know some1 with it and my mom basically hate the girl for it can any1 help me ut its been about 3 days

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