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Bizarre dream about embryos

Aug 29, 2009 - 5 comments

Wow did i ever have a strange dream last night.  Dreamed that DH and I had decided to proceed with IVF.  The proceedure was being done in a fancy ski lodge.  The retrieval and fertilization had already been done.  Instead of this occurring in a petrie dish, it took place in a fish tank.  Our embryos were so old that we could actually see them with the naked eye.  We invited our friends and family to see the upcoming additions to the family.  when we walked over the the giant fish tank we could see our embryos - which looked just like small purple pieces of calimari!  They were amazing to watch because we could actually see them swimming around growing before us.  Then one of the calimari's split in half and we knew that we were going to have identical twins.

How weird is that.... too much thinking about ttc and reading too many sci fi books obviously!

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102073 tn?1309549099
by Keyan, Sep 04, 2009
OMG!! this is a really funny and amazing dream!!! Can you really imagine this happening?!! LOL

865566 tn?1356700362
by GiGiGiGi, Sep 04, 2009
Who knows.... science is progressing so quickly these days.... hopefully embryos will NEVER look like purple calimari though!

359321 tn?1278268890
by stillwaiting52, Sep 04, 2009
That is too funny, sounds like one of my crazy dreams!!! You are right, it's probably not too far in the future!

847328 tn?1289783114
by piggy2, Sep 08, 2009
OMG. what the h*ll did you eat that night!??!  That is so funny.  I think you must be close to something happening in your life because I've had those dreams too!!  MMmmmm I love calamari, I hope this doesn't change your eating/ordering habits!

865566 tn?1356700362
by GiGiGiGi, Sep 09, 2009
Mmmmm I am going to Red Lobster for dinner tonight... perhaps some calimari would be just what the doctor ordered... as long as it is not purple calimari that is swimming around and dividing in front of me.

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