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Almost 90 days

Aug 30, 2009 - 1 comments

I am close to 90 days and have been feeling great.  Zero cravings and I really don't ever think of using.  Next week could be more of a challenge for me, I will be at a trade show all week and drinking is something that everyone will be doing.  My team fully supports me and will help keep the booze flow away, but I don't want to get into an uncomfortable sitution.  I just need to keep saying no and if the situation gets too much, I will politely leave.

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by Travis161991, Sep 28, 2009
i know this journal is nearly a month old, but what caugh my attention was what you said about getting into an uncomfortable sitution.

I am like that to if i do not like the enviroment i am i feel uncomfortable, i usally will leave to, because my withdraws started last night and I will be the same way when they are drugs around especially pain meds, because as u know that is my weekness and my crutch, so thats why i am getting off of them and going to try to get my back worked on a little bit or instead of risking surgery I will just start going back to my chiropractor because he was helping me alot until i just stopped going because I simply let the pain pills take over my life, and here i am now it nearly 5 in the morning and i am supposed to get up around 8 so i can get a doctors appointment today, but yet i can not sleep, i have been down this road before, but never this bad, but when i got my mind set on a goal i stay with it 99,9 percent of the time,

Talk to you later

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