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Aug 16, 2014 - 0 comments

Well it has come to my attention that I have a LOT of things rattling around in this big old head that people may not want to read on the message boards so I will rattle here. My mind is my worst enemy right now. I'm having a few beers to take the edge off and I feel like that's cheating. It's either that or come completely out of my skin, tho. I haven't been nauseous, no appetite but no nausea. Very little diarrhea, probably due to me being constipated for a year and a half, so now I'm just regular. :) I let my son (16) drive me around for over an hour, something that I had been putting off for sometime (nerves, and I don't think I can even blame the pills for that!) but now for some reason felt like it couldn't wait another day.  It made me feel more accomplished. I've straightened up some shelves and doing things but I still feel like a lost soul. Oh, and by straightening shelves I mean searching for any strays from my favorite hiding places. And yes I woulda took it! I really want to be free, guys but I would REALLY take one right now if offered/found. Have GOT to get stronger. I don't want to go thru this for nothing! Hopefully in a few days I will get a spark of my old self (that used to be pretty darned fun to be around) and it will remind me why I'm doing this. No more, "one more month". I want this squashed now before my tolerance gets any higher. Why did I do this to me??

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