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The unthinkable has happened.

Aug 18, 2014 - 21 comments

OMG MH friends I am in a state of shock.  Utter shock and disbelief and it is turning now to rage.  I just received a call from my surgeon's office.  It was the OR booking agent.  She told me I am not eligible to have surgery at the Women's Hospital now that I am taking narcotics (I was not taking narcotics in March when I first filled out the paper work)  BUT-
I told her- I've never had a surgery at BC Women's.  My surgeries have always been done at VGH.  You see, they do DAY SURGERIES at the Women's hospital.  These would be reserved for first time patient's having investigative laps, or women with Stage 1 endo who just need small sections excised.  I HAVE STAGE 4 ENDO.  With complicated bowel, bladder, uterine wall, cervical involvement.  I have NEVER had day surgery.  I was in her office just 10 days ago and she told me to expect to be in the hospital for at least a few days.  Being that she saw a MASS in my ultrasound.

How how how could this have happened?  Well, she simply gave me the wrong paperwork.  At that very first appointment she gave me the wrong paperwork.  So the OR- when they told me they were only open one day a week and closed for the month of September- I was like, What?  That doesn't make ANY sense.  When I asked they said it was due to cutbacks.  I never, ever for one moment thought they were talking about the day surgery.  Why would I?
So I guess my surgeon checked the surgery slate for VGH this morning and saw that I wasn't on it.  She went to the booking agent and found that I'd been booked for day surgery Oct.3rd.  She asked WHY?

The thing that really pisses me off?  Like is seriously making me want to scream and call a lawyer this instant?  The booking agent tried to tell me they booked me for day surgery because I wasn't on narcotics in March.  They weren't aware until my appointment last week that I was now on pain management.  This is such absolute BS that I cannot even fathom it.

I have been a patient at that clinic for 6 years.  I have had 2 very complex surgeries done.  In my appt a week ago Friday my surgeon and I had an EXTENSIVE conversation about my surgery, my options, my hospital stay, possible complications, and the need for proper pain control until then.

Wait.  I haven't even told you the worst part.


They don't have a surgery date for me until DECEMBER!!!
When she said this I screamed.  I actually screamed on the phone.  I told her this was unacceptable.  That I had been in debilitating pain for going on 5 months.  That my surgery dates kept getting pushed.
She had the nerve to ask me if I could stop taking pain meds until my surgery in October!
I screamed again and said a whole bunch of stuff which I don't really remember right now but I told her in no uncertain terms that I WAS NOT A SURGICAL DAY PATIENT.

She said that she would talk to my surgeon and call me back.
Andrew is ready to get on a ferry and go over and threaten them with a lawsuit.
I am waiting for the call back.  There is NO way NO WAY I am going to suffer for another 8 weeks and have to take ANOTHER 8 weeks off of my job to recover because they screwed up my paper work.

I have never been this angry in my ENTIRE life.
I am trying to understand why this is happening.  Why the Universe would need to test me more than it already has.

I've spent the last two days in bed with a high fever.  I have not been able to eat at all.  I thought at first maybe I was delirious when the phone rang and she said this to me.
But I'm not.

Seeing as she saw a mass in my last ultrasound I am thinking she can book me as an emergency surgery.  She has to, right?

This is unbelievable.  I am trying to breathe but I feel as though my world is imploding.

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7188197 tn?1399464311
by takingmylifeback2014, Aug 18, 2014
Wow! This is unbelievable ... praying for you! Xo

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by weaver71, Aug 18, 2014
That's horrible, just wrong. Incompetent paperwork filing of others has had me angry lately too. People don't seem to know what they are doing anywhere I go and I pay the consequences. I am so sorry Lu, accountability is so weak in Western culture, UGH! I believe they will work something out, they shouldn't be allowed to ruin your life because they have you the wrong papers, I hope not anyway. Sending healing thoughts your way, still.

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2014
I have one word for you Lu:


your fukking surgeon needs to get on the phone and talk to the hospital.  period.  that's it.  

sorry to swear.

Lu .... this cannot happen.

I love you baby


1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
I know.
I am literally laying here staring at the wall in absolute shock.  I cannot BELIEVE this is happening.  It is uncoscionable.
I have to believe she is madly trying to get me a quicker surgery date ESPECIALLY given my latest visit in which she saw a mass.  In which she was shocked at how quickly my disease had escalated since my last ultrasound in March.  I can't believe she would have EVER intended me to be in for day surgery, even if I wasn't taking narcotics.  Especially considering that we talked about me NEEDING to take narcotics for pain management back in March.  At that point I was still being stubborn, remember?  Puking from the pain and taking a T3 now and then.  But back in March I was only experiencing pain at ovulation and menstruation.  Now I am experiencing pain CONSTANTLY.  And it is much, much worse than the pain ever was even before my last extensive surgery.
I don't know what my recourse here can be.
For now I'm just going to believe that she is doing everything she can to get me in there ASAP.
If she does not operate on me as an emergency patient I am going to raise HELL.
I'm not putting up with this.

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Aug 18, 2014
I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. All I know is I'd be p!ssed.

Sending you prayers of healing and strength

4810126 tn?1503942735
by EvolverU, Aug 18, 2014

I think it is past time to be the squeaky wheel here! Perhaps it's time for your man to engage an attorney to call the board of governors & threaten them w/ a suit. This is insanity & I'm worried (as I'm sure you are about not only the pain but the further progression of this disease). If you don't get satisfaction from your surgeon soon, would going to your local MP or the local press help? (I'm not familiar with how things move up there but there must be pressures that can brought to bear to force them to put the brakes on this Negligence!)

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2014
I just really think its time to stop trying to get inside your surgeon/doctor's head in a way that is benevolent.  Not to say that she is being malicious .. AT ALL ... but time to stop giving her the benefit of the doubt.  this is about YOU, your LEGITIMATE NEEDS (beyond legit, actually) as a patient and human being ... don't they have patient's rights over there ???  ay???  it's not about her or her needs or her inclinations ...


5347058 tn?1381188426
by ariley13, Aug 18, 2014
I am so sorry this is happening. Why is that the people responsible for all of the paperwork and red tape are often the most incompetent human beings? It's beyond ridiculous and frustrating. I say it's high time to raise some serious hell my dear girl. You are an incredibly strong person and I have no doubt you will fight your way through this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
I seriously think that this is what happened.
When I saw her in March it was very rushed.  It was just supposed to be a quick consult but when she saw my state and heard my probs she did a physical including transvaginal ultrasound.  She felt a nodule and determined that yes I needed surgery.  She put me on hormones to stop the bleeding for 3 months.  She sent her nurse to get me the paperwork to apply for surgery and I filled it out there.  It said women and children's hospital on the top but I didn't think anything of it
A. Because that's where her office is and
B. I've had two surgeries and both have been done at VGH.  Even the first one which was just diagnostic
I have Crohn's disease- so there could ALWAYS be a complication that would require extra support if needed.
So why would I ever question it?
When I got the call that I couldn't be booked until Oct due to the fact the OR was closed in September I thought that was WEIRD.  It's the biggest OR in BC.  How could it shut down for a month?  I rationalized this by thinking it was due to the cutbacks on the program and maybe the OR was closed only to the endo surgeons.
Stupid.  I should have checked.
I didn't get my OR package in the mail until Friday.  But since I was so busy with the show, and then since Saturday afternoon I've been in bed with a fever, I didn't open it until I got the call this morning.

If she does not call me back believe me I will be demanding legal discourse.  Not only is it my unnecessary pain and suffering, but it is also costing me HALF my income because I have to hire teachers to teach my classes for me until January.  If I have to wait to have surgery until December, I will not be healed enough to teach full time come Jan 3rd.  And that will cost me MORE money.  Not to mention the length of time I am to be on narcotics which I wanted to keep as minimal as possible.

Her question about why don't I stop the narcs until Oct was RIDICULOUS!  Even if it were possible for me to do this- I am NOT a day surgery patient.  After my last surgery I was in hospital for a WEEK and could not leave the lower mainland for another week due to the complex nature of my disease and surgery.
We talked about this 10 days ago in my appointment.  So I really really can't believe this is happening.

I need to check and see what my recourse of actions is here but honestly, I am so weak from fever and lack of food I am having a hard time even wrapping my brain around this.  I need help.
I don't know where to turn.

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2014
Its not up to YOU to check all the details, Lu!  they're the professionals!!!!  what, are you expected to engineer this whole thing?  come on.

they have a responsibility to YOU.

whatever you do, don't forget that.

I would be putting Andrew on the front lines right now ...


1235186 tn?1549257619
by atthebeach, Aug 18, 2014
lu, I am sorry. this all seems so incompetent to me. supposedly because of a mix up in paperwork? this wasn't noticed until now. my husband has lots of family in montreal and we know how bad the system is.

I am with meeg I would stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. your disease has progressed because of their
system. I wouldn't wait I would call a lawyer and have a consult. I would be calling the administrators at the hospital and explaining your blight.

sending comfort and prayers,

2083449 tn?1381354708
by Sonrissa, Aug 18, 2014
Hey Lu, first I am so very sorry you are going through this unbelievable nightmare.  I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, and maybe I just don't understand, but what the hell difference does it make if you are taking Narcotics?  I took narcotics before my surgery. They were prescribed by my surgeon.  Lots of people are on narcotics before surgery.  I don't get why that matters.

I truly hope there is something that can be done to change this.  This is by far the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
Oh trust me Meegs.  If I don't get a phone call soon he says he's going over there in person to threaten legal action.
I cannot believe that after our appointment 10 days ago she would think this was okay.  I HAVE to believe for my own sanity that she is doing whatever she can to fix this right now.
If I find out different then my whole belief about all of this including my incredible faith in her will be destroyed.  I really can't imagine that happening because she has helped me so much.
Thanks for your support.
I just don't feel strong enough to cope with any of this right now you know?
I'd just accepted that Oct 3 was 6 weeks away, settled everything with my business, and planned my life with that date in my mind's eye.
Now everything has been turned upside down.
I am having an anxiety attack.
I need to go do some deep breathing.

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014

I don't get it either.  The best I can surmise is that I was accidentally slated as a DAY surgery patient at a facility where they don't have the proper anesthesiologist on staff to deal with it?
I've had many day surgery operations for my Crohn's and endo here in this small hospital while on narcotics so I have no idea why this could be happening.
I am calling the hospital right now.  This is stupid.

4810126 tn?1503942735
by EvolverU, Aug 18, 2014

I agree! I think it's going to be up to Andrew to do this. You need a break from the stress of dealing with this (The stopping narcotics suggestion is surreal).

.Let him handle it for you. The same thing occurred to me reading through your journal that Meegan mentioned, that you're giving your surgeon credit where you can no longer afford to. I don't really think it matters whether her intentions are good, neutral or poor at this point. What matters is action -- protecting yourself. I think you've been battered around by 'the system' enough to know this. It's up to you guys to make this happen -- whether it's fair or not  (&  it's incredibly unfair!)

Deep breaths Lu...I'm glad you got this out & that you're with us -- that you're here on MH. A Hug to you, my friend.

2083449 tn?1381354708
by Sonrissa, Aug 18, 2014
Good freaking grief! My surgeries were day surgeries! That is simply ridiculous! I'm in agreement that it might be time to speak to a lawyer. Then we will see how fast this surgery gets done!  I'm just so sorry.  

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
I am going to send her a personal email.  She responded quickly the last time.  I don't think this is her fault, I can't.  Honestly, she is operating in a system that is broken.  She is an amazing advocate for women's health and goes to battle with the Canadian Gov't over the broken system all the time.  During my last surgery at VGH the anaesthesiologist screwed up and did not show up pre-surgery to give me the meds and start a proper IV line.  I was left in pre-op for 3 hours with no fluids and no pain meds.  The OR nurse paged my surgeon that I was in distress and could she start my IV but she was in surgery that went overtime due to complications and did not respond.  Finally, an anesthesiologist student was sent to start my IV.  He screwed up 5 times and by then I was in full panic and debilitating pain.  When she got out of surgery and heard what happened she came raging into pre-op.  She filed a complaint immediately against the anesthesiologist and got him suspended.  She doesn't screw around.
I really think this is the other staff.
You're right Sonrissa- Day surgery while on narcotics is totally normal.  I think this is the OR booking agent trying to pass the buck because she scheduled me for the wrong hospital and she's trying to cover her ***.
In any case, I am emailing my surgeon right now.
I cannot risk alienating THE ONLY SURGEON IN WESTERN CANADA that can help me by threatening a law suit until I've talked to her and find out exactly what is going on.
I just have to communicate fully what is happening.  It is entirely possible that she doesn't know.
I mean to find out what is going on soon.  As in NOW.
And yes you are right Annie.  I am lucky to have you all.  I am in full on flight or fight mode right now.  And trying to heal from a feverish two days and no food and this crappy pain is bad enough.
I need to take deep breaths and write a good email.
I'll keep you all posted.

1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
Both my mom and myself just sent her emails.  Mine went through every single thing I have been through since I first contacted her office with my condition last October.  The lost referral, the put off appointments, the lack of surgery date, my increased symptoms.  I wrote down every single thing that I have been through and begged her to help me.
My mom wrote that she was furious with the mistakes that had been made and the unimaginable pain and suffering I have endured as well as the hits to my business, my relationship, and my emotional well being.  Especially the fact that I am on narcotics which NEVER would have happened if I'd have had surgery when I was intended to.  She asked if there was a way for her and my father to pay for the surgery privately if it cannot be done sooner under my health care plan.
And so now I wait.
It is 4 pm here on the West Coast and therefore the office is closed.
The last time I emailed her in the middle of the night she responded the next day.
It is possible she did not know the whole story of everything that is gone on and so now she does.  How she responds will decide how I move forward.
When I wrote out the whole story it made it even more clear to me just how badly I have been screwed around here.
Now all I can do is just take deep breaths, and pray this gets sorted out ASAP.
I cannot endure much more of this.
Bless you my friends for being there when no one else is.  No one in my real life even knows what to say.  Andrew feels helpless and is just so furious.  Nobody else understands just what I am going through here.

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2014
well Lu lets hope she gets those balls in the air .... ya know???? um hmm

You did good baby and I'm glad your moms is at bat right behind you.  Now try to sit back and relax and forget all of this while its out of your control.  

Put a stop to the worrying and steaming and fuming and self recrimination and everything now and just let it go

as much as you can

get some rest, mama

i love you


1926359 tn?1331588139
by lulu747, Aug 18, 2014
Ok Meegs will do.  You're right I've been freaking out all day which isn't doing anyone especially me any good.  I'm gonna attempt a shower and maybe some food.  I have not eaten since Saturday.
I love you

9877325 tn?1406438406
by Bonnice53, Aug 18, 2014
Get a second opinion, and fast. This happened to my sister, she had a mass in her bladder. They put off her surgery, and she died, leaving behind 3 children.

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