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Were you raped?

Aug 22, 2014 - 0 comments









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I see a lot of younger girls asking if a guy is using them for sex on the internet but what i regularly see is them explaining to us that these guys try every attempt to have sex with them, they force themselves on them, they struggle then give in but they do not understand 1 thing: This is RAPE!. I'm really really sorry to anyone who has gone through this but please understand when a male constantly re-attempts to have sex with you and forces himself on you to scare you into giving in this is NOT consensual... he raped you! please! please! recognize the signs because you are very vunereble to men like this who show such horrible disrespect to women just to get sex from you, this is NO WAY to act EVER! not in any world...

Also please do NOT put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a man you do not even know... he could be anybody and i myself have met guys like this, i never meet anyone unless it's in public but these men are still very insistent, they insist on talking about sex, they insist and hint towards sex on a regular basis and they insist on kissing and touching you in places they shouldn't even in public places... when you meet a man like this please cut all contact ASAP! and report him before anyone else gets hurt! find out who else he has met and ask them what happened when they met him too if you can. Please keep yourselves safe fellow females! it's not as safe for us out there for us as it is for men, these sort of things do of course happen to males but it is a rarer occurance, a lot of men are after sex from women and they do not care about respecting you.

Love and light to all fellow females, stick together!.

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