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how to reach a orgasm better

Aug 23, 2014 - 0 comments


After you and your partner have participated in foreplay, however much you want, and when you feel ready for sex, have your man lie on his back, his penis aroused and standing ready for you to straddle him. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get him inside of you. Take advantage of the opportunity to display your body; he will love watching you work. With him on his back and you on your knees, swing one leg over him and balance your weight on your knees. Then lean forward to take some of your weight on your hands. Take his penis in hand and rub your moist vaginal lips and clitoris against it. Tease the head of his penis by sliding it back and forth across your vaginal opening, occasionally inserting just the tip and taking it out again. Finally, slide it in gently and slowly. You may need to use a free hand, or he can use his, to guide his penis into your vagina. Straddling his thighs, you lower yourself onto his penis. Once he is inside of you, sink down on him, remaining upright from the waist up.

In this position, you control the depth of penile penetration and the pace of thrusting. You manipulate the amount of friction and the speed. You have an infinite variety of movements. You can raise your body up and down, bend forward with your breasts touching his chest or slide your breasts back and forth. You can move your pelvis and abdomen sideways and in all directions to give different kinds of erotic pleasure. Lean forward to create friction between his pubic bone and your clitoris. Men may want to arch their backs and raise their pelvises to help create a connection between the clitoris and penis.

Be a Champion at Lovemaking
Try all variations and see what stimulates you most. You will be very deeply penetrated, and the man's most sensitive area is buried deeply within your moist and warm vagina. Your partner can rest while enjoying exquisite sensations. When you have your orgasm, he can feel the rippling of your vaginal muscles much more intensely than in any other position.

Above all, this position is comfortable for most women, gives us greater freedom of movement and puts us in control of our own orgasm. Some of us may be mentally uncomfortable with what our physiological inhibitions may be telling us is aggressive exhibitionism. Tell your mind to shut up. Be sure to close your eyes, at least part of the time. Don't examine your body, don't worry about how you look and don't try to analyze what he is thinking throughout the whole thing. 
By parting the vaginal lips and leaning forward to your partner's chest, you can bring your clitoris directly into contact with the base of the man's penis, and rubbing the exposed shaft of his penis against your clitoris may be all the direct stimulation of the clitoris you need to reach orgasm.

Another option is to have your lover place his thumb on your clitoris and hold it firmly in place while you move up and down, but the position of his hand may feel somewhat awkward for you both. It seems that when men stimulate their partners, they don't do it very well. Maybe he feels awkward, embarrassed or resentful. I believe most simply do not share the same sense of rhythm as their women. And it is also objectionable because you've turned your response back over to him.or some women, changing from the missionary to the female-superior may be all that is necessary to achieve orgasm easier than you ever thought possible. Learning how to "ride" your man will make you a champion at lovemaking.

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