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oral pleasure

Aug 24, 2014 - 0 comments

Suggest that you shower together before hitting the sheets, and run soapy hands between his legs and around his scrotum. Pull back his foreskin and wash underneath.

What do I do if my mouth's too dry?
Put the underside of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and hold it there for a few minutes. This will cause saliva to pool in your mouth. Always keep a glass of room-temperature water close by or add artificial moisture by slathering him with flavored lube, honey, champagne, whipped cream or ice cream.

What do I do with the foreskin?
Using lube or saliva, moisten the area around the foreskin, then gently edge the hood down with your tongue or fingertips. You can then either hold it down at the base of the shaft or pump it up and down the shaft. Just get the hand motion under control before you add your mouth, avoid tugging and yanking, and keep things nice and slippery if you want to slide it up and over the head.

What if he's taking too long?
The quicker he comes, the happier you're likely to be '- not because you don't enjoy it, but rather because it's hard work if it lasts longer than 10 or 15 minutes. Lock-jaw, hand cramps, a sore mouth '- even the most comfortable position can become uncomfortable after a while. To push him over the edge, unashamedly try one (or more) of the following tricks:

Leave the lights on (so he can see what you're doing), tie your hair back, hold eye contact and let him watch your tongue
Stimulate other areas while you go down on him
Firmly massage the perineum (the area between his anus and testicles) by pressing two fingers firmly and making small circles
Make noises of enjoyment
Wrap your thumb and index finger around the shaft, about an inch above the base, and pull downInsert a well-lubricated finger into his anus
What do I do as he's about to climax? As with women, it's important to maintain a steady rhythm to build excitement, so don't suddenly change techniques. As he approaches orgasm, however, step up the speed and pressure. Many men say women don't go hard or fast enough at the end (watch him masturbate and you'll see for yourself how durable that thing is!). Once he's had his orgasm, stop everything '- no stimulation whatsoever. Post-orgasm sensitivity doesn't just affect females.

What if I don't want to swallow?
It's perfectly acceptable to switch to intercourse just before the crucial moment. Or use your hands to masturbate him, letting him orgasm over your breasts. This, for many men, is even better than you swallowing because they can see exactly what's going on. If you've never swallowed, it's worth trying once. Swallow it quickly, as if it were medicine, and it will be over before you can say, "That wasn't so bad!" (It's not fattening by the way '- a mere five calories per orgasm.) Are you okay with him ejaculating in your mouth, but don't want to swallow? Simply hold it in there, then spit into a tissue or sink as soon as it's politely possible. If it tastes funny, his diet is usually to blame. Get him to cut back on salty foods, asparagus, potato chips, beer, curry, garlic, cigarettes, red meat and coffee.

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