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I think I like dancing! alone for now but soon that might change :P

May 27, 2008 - 2 comments







got life back




see the light







This is day 4 or 5 of my withdrawal after doing oxies 40-120mg every 1-2 days for over 8 months, I did a sort of tapering method that involved withdrawal 4 days then used 1 40mg, withdrawal 5 days then took one 40mg, and now im on that next cycle and truely dont feel like I ever have to do oxies again! ( This doesnt work all that great )

I think I had some kind of revelation last night after having such a minimal withdrawal and being able to sleep at last, although twitching, had positive GOOD DREAMS, not nightmares for once. At 10:30 I went to bed and could see some kind of devil form like oxy come over me and make me shake but I toughed it out and thought of how strong I am and how I could literally do anything like all the weight off my shoulders was realesed and made me relax to full control. Earlier that night I walked by my dealers house ( next street over ) on my way to the store with money. I didnt stop and my dealer was even outside in the front lawn looking at me. It was one of the hardest things I've done, I feel like a new person. It is incredible, I woke up this morning started blasting the music and dancing in my chair opening fast as I could cuz this is the first good thing I have to say in a year. I even got a call while dancing telling me I had a second interview for a job tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be working by wednesday and free of boredom!

If you feel un-motivated and half asleep in the morning nothings better than pumping Mambo No.5 by Lou Bega haha you will want to dance!

Thanks for anyones support and gl to you all it just takes some motivation

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by shorty679, May 27, 2008
Good to see someone on here that I can relate to in that we were taking similar amounts of oxy's. You're doing well, way to go, it's a hard thing that people who havent' gone through don't understand. Are you taking methadone?
Music for sure is a spirit booster. I don't know what I'd do without it. I listen to music day in and day of my favorite pick me up musicians is Van Morrison. I have a musician friend and one day we were talking and I told him that the best way for me to describe how much our freindship means to me is to say that a day with him is like being at a Van Morrison concert.
It's great to see that you are giving up the oxy chains at your age because you will live so much fuller of a life without them. Hang in there.
Cheryl for responding to my post I sent in frustration about sending a picture.

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by Ray420, May 28, 2008
I'm trying to quit completely. I don't wanna take methadone, I know more people hooked on that than oxies!!! I tried getting the thomas recipe and half the damn things I cant find at the store. So then I tried getting sleeping pills and man o man was that a bad idea. I hadn't slept for about 4 days, took 2 sleeping pills ( high doses), STILL COULDNT SLEEP. And you could only imagine how you would feel 4 days no sleep on 2 sleeping pills and still not sleeping. I felt almost like I was on mushrooms I went upstairs and my told me I was mumbling to her and couldnt talk properly and I barely remember It's a blur. Never did that again! Flushed em all down the toilet. I wanna be able to sleep like a normal human being so screw everything! So now ALL I do is smoke weed and drink a bit, not alot cuz I'm so scared to get a big hang over. Used to take oxies when I'd be hung over and I'm a big sucker like that.

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