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treatment for 3rd cranial nerve damage

May 27, 2008 - 1 comments

treatment for




nerve damage

I suffered a major head trauma 20 years ago. 3rd cranial nerve damage has left me with ptosis of the left eye. I'm looking for an expert(s) to advise me of possible treatments and research results.

I'm especially interested in alternative medical approaches, such as acupuncture.

How to determine whether the nerve is damaged (where?) or palsied, or both...

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by laurina, Oct 03, 2008
I had shingles, and am diabetes 2.  left my right eye stuck near the nose.   The eyeball now moves with motion, but double vision is constant.  I seem to see well at times, with faint double visition.   If there is anything I can do I would surely try, and answers to the abvove.  laurina larson

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