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My life with orchialgia or chronic testicular pain

Sep 02, 2009 - 39 comments










From age 18, I had chronic testicular pain on the right side, intermittent and varying from a dull throb to something that was the worse pain of my life. I went to my GP multiple times and was always given antibiotics and Advil, then I was upgraded to a urologist who would do nothing before giving me antibiotics and sending me for an ultrasound. (The system in Ontario was very slow at the time and all imaging tests had to be done at hospitals) Had the ultrasound and then when back to the urologist (this took months) then was scheduled for a right scrotal exploratory, since nothing showed on the ultrasound, at which point they did an orchiopexy on the right. At my followup after surgery I was told I had a congenital structural abnormality and I should have a orchiopexy on the left just for safety. So I did that. Then about a year later the pain returned on the right side. Went back to the same urologist and this time other options where discussed like a nerve block, I wanted to know the reason for the pain (the structural abnormality I was diagnosed with causes intermittent torsion so that was why the orchiopexies where performed) This time the surgery was more extensive that the last time on the right, the incision was inguinal and large (from the base of the penis all the way to the belt line) painful recovery. A cyst was found and removed and again an orchiopexy on the right was done.

So that was a total of 3 surgeries over about 4 years. By the end I had nerve damage on the skin from the extensive incision (inguinal) which I still have to this day (nearly 15 years later) pain and a lack of sensation on the right side of my pelvis.

I traveled to Japan after university. I continued to have pain and treated them with the pain meds from Canada I had brought with me. All Japanese people have national health coverage or coverage through the company, I as a non-Japanese had neither thus was reluctant to go to a clinic or hospital for treatment. I had a bad attack my second year in Japan and because I had a previous back injury I got pain meds again without having to give many details.

My pain would almost cycle up and down during the years. I was able to use anti inflammatory pills most of the time to manage the pain. I had a major attack again after I was married and my wife was pregnant, we went to the hospital she worked at to see the urologist. At that time I was not forceful enough in my presentation of my case. I had ultrasound by the doctor at the same time as the exam but it again was inconclusive. I should have made my case more clearly but the doctors do not have time to listen much and if the tests are negative then it is the next patient.  

The end of the pain came because the pain reached beyond my ability to function and control it. I saw a urologist at the clinic my wife was working at, again I was given antibiotics for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks after which point I was unable to function for the pain. I was unable to sit or stand and walking was next to impossible. I went back to the clinic and had an extensive physical exam by two doctors as well as ultrasound, I had to get an injection which just took the edge off the pain. I was then told I would need surgery the next day and I would probably be looking at an orchiectomy. I was sent home with more meds to inject, my wife could give them to me. The next day, at the hospital the urologist was initially wanting to send me home again with antibiotics (I was in too much pain to give a proper history of my pain.) I had to wait until my wife could come at lunch time to consult the urologist as well as having the letter from the clinic as well. I was given blood tests, an ultrasound that seemed to take forever as well as pelvic x-rays. I was in surgery later that day for what ended up being a simple right sided orchiectomy (scrotal with the cords still in the scrotum, I have since learnt that this is not the preferred method of orchiectomy for men with orchialiga as the cords may cause issue in the future). Pathology did not show a reason for my pain, the structural abnormality that I was diagnosed with in Canada had mysteriously disappeared or I never had it to begin with? There was a difference in the densities of the testes. So the surgeon (head of the department) wrote up my case as nerve damage caused by previous surgeries.

The moral of my story is that young men should seek second opinions and avoid surgery if possible. If surgery is inevitable seek a highly qualified surgeon and not one without extensive experience. Also one who is willing to explain and consider your thoughts on your condition.

As I write this I have intermittent pain now on the left side as well as pain on the right side from the remains of the cords which have been known to attach to other structures and cause pain. I have not brought that up with my wife yet. I am not interested in another orchiectomy so I am seeking other options.

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by emitomo, Oct 01, 2009
I just read your posting and am sorry that you continue to have pain. Have you ever been evaluated by a physical therapist/physiotherapist for hip flexor tightness? Has genitofemoral neuralgia been considered as a possible cause of your chronic orchialgia? The genitofemoral nerve, which provides somatosensory innervation, pierces the psoas major muscle and can become impinged or irritated.

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by Shirokuma, Oct 01, 2009
No never,

Pick your specialist and you pick your disease/ treatment. I have ever only been to urologists.
I am now looking for a pain specialist without luck. Even an English speaking urologist is tough to come by. I know that the pain on the right side is residual from the one surgery I had. It is crazy that there is still pain there but that is because I had a simple instead of a total orchiectomy on the right. If the inguinal approach had been taken then I maybe would have no problems now.

You might be right about the muscles/ nerves. I noticed (a bit late of course) that stress makes the pain worse. Thanks for the comments.

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by emitomo, Oct 02, 2009
I realize now that I was somewhat incomplete in my writing about the genitofemoral nerve. I didn't clearly state that It can cause testicular pain when impinged because it innervates that area. I (and others I know, too) have seen/treated individuals with orchialgia caused by a shortened/tight psoas major (this is a large muscle that flexes the hip) causing genitofemoral nerve impingement. You don't say if there are things (e.g, activities, positions) that bring on your pain or make it worse. After all you've been through, though, it couldn't hurt to be evaluated for muscular/neural involvement as possibly contributing to your symptoms. Are you still living in Japan? I didn't even think about that until you said it's hard to find an English speaking urologist.

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by Shirokuma, Oct 03, 2009
Thank you for the information,

Yes, I am still in Japan. I am in a rural area in the south of Kyushu. Most English speaking doctors are in Tokyo only. I am looking around now. I was looking to try a pain specialist this time.

To think that my pain is and was caused by muscles, that would be hard for me I think considering the surgeries I have had.

I agree that a different approach may not hurt. haha

Positions that cause pain, hmmm sitting always made it worse but laying down would not really solve the problem. Standing or activities did not really seem to matter much.

In all my research I never came across this idea. I think this is a perfect place to start for other men. Surgery should never have to be the first choice.

Thank you

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by jdsayshello, Sep 03, 2010
    Hey there Shirokuma,
I'm new here to medhelp and well I saw your journal and just had to comment. I couldn't believe how similar our stories are (constant pain).

    I've had only one orchiopexy and (varicocele, hydrocele, chronic epididymitis-orchitis, and apperently now orchialgia) and also surgeries to removal the first two and a testicular biopsy. I was just wondering, how do you feel your condition has affected your life (being a long term condition)?

I've had my pain only for say a year, and have unfortunately turned quite bitter in character, and have been left sterile. I'm only 22 and would like to know what keeps you going? Because I have yet to find motivation or joy in anything anymore.

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by RudiMatze, May 29, 2011
Hello, is there anybody out there with testicular pain caused by a varicocele. I have this problem since 1976. Three surgeries, limited success, still in pain. Please answer if you have similar problems!

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by Jeantyrell, Aug 13, 2011
My 21 yr old son had orchiopexy on 7/22/11 for a diagnosis of intermittent testicular torsion.  Two weeks later the pain returned as if the surgery was never his urologist has prescribed antibiotics for infection.  I would think if he had an infection the pain would not be intermittent but constant and any infection would cleared up and pain would go away.  This has not been the case.  I am very concerned after reading these postings of what his future holds for him.  

Any advice will be appreciated.

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by Shirokuma, Aug 13, 2011
Intermittent torsion seems to be a poor diagnosis, basically grasping at what it might be based on what it could be,

2 weeks of pain relief is too short and that means it is something else. Antibiotics means they are thinking other infections, so they will usually do 2 x 2 week courses (consider too he had antibiotics after surgery as well?)

What level is the pain and how is it triggered. Like I said I somewhere that the pain on my right side was attributed to nerve damage from the second orchiopexy.

I recommend all who are able to bank sperm.
I was never able, I am totally sterile now and so is my wife but if anything happened....

I guess I have not updated this is a while,

I had the left testicle removed as well in October 2010, radical inguinal orchiectomy. (32 years old at the time)
I have been 100% pain free since 3 days post op.
I take 125mgs of testosterone ethanate by injection (by a nurse) every week. (took months to get that organized properly, I had terrible issues with getting the hormone levels fixed)
I did have some depression issues for a couple months after (related a lot to the hormone levels I think)
My preop T was 271 which means my remaining testicle was failing, as well as being a pain.
Current T levels are comfortably around 500, still fully functional.
My last meds pre surgery where lyrica 75mgs 3 times per day as well as a sleeping pill at night and I still woke up if I moved in my sleep.

Wife had radical abdominal hysterectomy in April 2010 for her pain issues. uterine walls were 20cm thick, cervix and ovary removed as well, she was 40 at that time.

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by Notsuper, Dec 24, 2011
wow, you are strong person. Shirokuma
Sorry for you to be through all of this.
I'm in constant testicural pain on my right, since 10 days ago. I'm 22.
The pain is very bad, i don't know how you lived with it for years, worked, and found your love, Glad you have your relieve after all.
I had discomfort for years, and now it is resulting in pain, i don't think there is any infection to begin with. Hopefully, conservative treatment will help, but preparing myself for worst, I decided to endure it for 1-2 years to resolve.
Have you considered Robotic microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord?

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by Notsuper, Dec 24, 2011
in my case, they say it is chronic epididymitis.
Going to check my kidneys/prostate/intestine for more answers,

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by Shirokuma, Dec 25, 2011
Hi Notsuper,

robotic microsurgical denervation is good. It has about 83% chance of success, however a majority of men for whom it does not work still end up having radical orchiectomy surgeries. Of those men around 5% never get relief.

I talked to Dr. Parekattil about it, the cost alone was a huge factor. I live in Japan, flight, surgery etc was over 20,000 USD to have an 83% chance of saving a single testicle which was failing I later found out. The cost performance did not compute for me. I have been on HRT stably for a year now. I am currently searching for an endocrinologist though, in Japan that is not really the speciality that it is in the US.

Fertility is a huge concern I would expect given your age. You never really know how your life will work out. Get testosterone levels checked as well they really differ by person.

10 days is not that long, it needs to be longer than 3 months for most doctors to consider it chronic

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by Notsuper, Dec 25, 2011
I think life in pain is much worse than no fertility...My lefty still seem to be ok, and i hope it won't be affected. and i'am considering banking as pre-caution,
My testosterone level is low(300), i was going to try to fix it, but it wasn't a problem.
What is matter: i can't work with pain, without work i can't pay bills and resolve pain. Cycle. I don't understand how you
managed to do things with pain.

My priorities are
1.resolve pain
2.having personal life
3.having kids

Sorry for asking this, but is there personal life, with hormone replacement in ur case? I know it is intimate, if u can, answer in personal message.

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by Shirokuma, Dec 25, 2011
I was on lyrica at 75mgs 3 times a day and sleeping pills to sleep (left testicle). Manage is one way of looking at it.

The pain meds made me high all the time.

T of 300 at 22 is extremely low. I am 33 and try to keep it between 400 and 600. 300 give me sleep and energy issues.

Banking is a good idea I think. Bank loads, never know if the wife will need IVF etc.

I know the desire for pain resolution and I know the extremes that drives one too. When my pain was extreme I felt out of the world, I had no connection to anything. It was terrible. I was lucky though that I got IM pain meds at that time and I had the testicle out within a week (right testicle).

Personal life I am assuming you mean sex?

Ok, I am not the best person to ask as my wife is totally asexual following her hysterectomy.
The equipment still works, (better than before I would say as I had low T with the one testicle).

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by Notsuper, Dec 25, 2011
I don't know how to find a girl when u'r in constant pain
It' like: Hello, I'm in pain and taking a lot of painkillers, want to come to my place and do nothing?

Avatar universal
by Notsuper, Dec 25, 2011
how are you measuring T level? are there some quick tests like insuline ?

Avatar universal
by Shirokuma, Dec 25, 2011
Nope it takes a week to get back here. I get it done in our clinic. My wife has her own clinic now and I am the HR/ accounting manager.

Avatar universal
by Notsuper, Dec 26, 2011
hmmm is it possible to avoid oppressive effects on your organism after loosing both, with replacement, such as osteoporosis, loss of muscule mass, and live long and healthy life?
When i start to look for that info i found myself on some strange transsexual forums.

Avatar universal
by Shirokuma, Dec 26, 2011
Hmmm there is a good yahoo group. Balance is key though and getting good support

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by mandomtz, May 10, 2012
Hello I'M 26 and have been suffering from  Orchialgia since age 14. I've seen doctors,urologist, pain management specialist. Ultrasounds, MRI"S the whole 9. I've had inguinal nerve blocks and acupuncture. nothing seems to work. sometimes it goes away but sometimes it returns with a vengeance for a good periods of time. I am currently having a really bad flare up. I have no insurance and little money. Does anyone on here have any possible solutions or remedies? I'm at my wit's end and in severe pain.

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by Shirokuma, May 13, 2012

Inguinal nerve blocks are literally hit and miss. There are 3 nerves to hit otherwise it will not work.

The suggestion to me was to have a block from the spine near the tail bone. I was extremely nervous about that idea as I read some men ended up with numbness in thighs, penis and other places.

If it is not an infection
then it is usually ruled as nerve pain
Lyrica can help but I found the help it gave was as bad as the pain in terms of not being able to function.

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by neart12, May 21, 2013
Hi all.

I'm in a similar boat.  Had left testicle removed due to testicular torsion aged 13.  Teenage years went fine.  Started to have orchialgia from early 20's which hasn't resolved yet.  Had a prosthesis inserted aged 30, which I think helped somewhat psychologically.  Re. testicular pain however, I haven't been as fortunate.  Well, at least not yet anyway.

I've had two orchidopexys, as I felt that my testicle was hanging too low for comfort.  This wasn't successful, so I had another a few years later.  This time a stitch was placed into the testicle.  

While it seems to have solved one problem (raised up the testicle) it created another - the pain/discomfort hasn't resolved.  If anything, its spread to my lower abdomen.

Any ideas?  I've seen a chronic pain specialist, but that's ongoing.

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by Shirokuma, Sep 19, 2013
That is a major issue.

Continuing pain is annoying at best and debilitating at worst.

I ended up with both removed. It is not the best idea but it worked for me.

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by iknev, Oct 27, 2013
Hi Shirokuma, I am 23 yr old. mine is also same story, actually i have operated for varicocele bcoz of huge pain. I got huge pain while doing pushups, i'm unable to touch my testicles. And before operation i had semen analysis my sperm count & motility was 18million/cc & 50% with grade-l bilateral varicocele , My doctor told that its very low count. Operation is very urgent. I dont know what to do at that time, i have my operation, its a open conventional surgery with 2 incisions on my groin, Now its 5th month going on from operation, i dont know why my 2 testicles are slightly hang up now(i mean near to groin), Now swelling has completely gone, and Now i have noticed that my right testicle has huge improvement in size while my left one has size decrement(i dont know actually i think they have performed testicle biopsy test on left one).

    And coming to point: I'm a student, since i am living with my friends now, some times you know some other videos like you know **** it happens, But at the time pre-ejaculate happened its okay but after 15 minutes i am getting pain in my groin place and place just above groin(bellow stomach). I dont know whats happening to me(i didn't ever jerk off), before i was a very energetic and exercising person But now i am unable to lift even a bucket of water(i can but i had a fear that may be i can get pain again).....
    Any help sir???

Avatar universal
by iknev, Oct 27, 2013
mistaken: pre-ejaculte means when men arouse some colour less fluid will ejaculate.
Sorry about your story sir, but you are a very brave man really.. Lot of appreciation..

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by afshinz, Apr 03, 2014
how much do NSAIDs, like aspirin or advil, can prevent the pain?
I have orchialgia, but not chronic. It happens just when i am about to intercourse and stimulate enough so that my left, sometimes right, ilioinguinal nerve starts to inflame and pain.
After 10 to 15 minutes this pain becomes so severe that i can't do anything except lying down and just endure.
i know well that surgery is not a good solution for this kind of problem. searching internet to find more, i found out the primary solution is using NSAIDs, but don't know how much and which one is the most effective.

Avatar universal
by afshinz, Apr 03, 2014
Or is there any other drug to help preventing the pain??
Thank you

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by neart12, Jul 05, 2014
Thanks for sharing Shirokuma

I'm reluctant to have my other testicle removed (for obvious reasons).  Perhaps I have nothing to fear, but this would obviously be a last resort

Thinking about sperm banking.  I'm 41

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by Apeman114, Jan 04, 2015
I'm 16 and had operation for testicular torsion in September 2014, since I have had constant pain, I have been diagnosed with chronic scrotal/pelvic pain due to nerve damage and testicular trauma post op and am on some special painkillers which seem to have completely solved my left testicle pain but not the right?!

Just to add I did have epididymo-orchitis on the right side picked up by ultrasound, but they are dismissing the idea of it recurring?
I had been able to bare with the pain mostly, but now it has come to the point where I can't exercise, I can't walk very far, it is painful to get out of bed and I am suffering from fatigue.... I am being told I may have to drop out of college and restart next year and I just can't cope...

The pain isn't like torsion it isn't as acute, I get this weird throbbing, dragging, soreness on the right side, which seems to emanate into the surrounding area causing a, for now, very minor ache in my upper legs and lower back. I also sometimes become quite nauseous (no vomiting)

Any ideas what this could be?

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by Morriz, Jan 05, 2015
I think botox may be a future alternative, in phase 2 trials  right now, meaning safety seems ok. Fingers crossed.

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by 12345666, May 21, 2015
Hi I have been suffering from testicular orchialgia for 6 months and would really appreciate if I could speak with you I am looking for advice and support from people who have dealt with this. I am really struggling on all fronts of my life. From pain, to depression, relationships etc. if you have an email. I'd love to ask you some questions.

Thanks I have also started an Instagram page about what I'm going through testicular_orchialgia is my user name

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by Tomrob13, Dec 10, 2015
Hi I'm 24 and have been experiencing testicle nerve pain on the left side since I was around 18. I had testicular torsion when I was 10 years old which resulted in me getting orchiopexy to stop the testes from twisting again. Everything was fine up until I was about 18 when I felt something tweak in my testicle on my left side. Ever since then I have been experiencing a dull ache in my left testicle, which can at times become almost unbearable. It comes and goes every few months and at its worst can seriously affect my quality of life. I have had every check under the sun, ultrasounds, MRI, to no avail. I have also had a couple of nerve blocks which helped the pain but was only temporary. Doctors and urologists have concluded that it is nerve pain, which I'm guessing is due to the orchiopexy I had after my torsion all those years ago. I have currently been taking amitriptyline which only sort of helps, I am currently experiencing a bad stage of it hurting. Do you guys have any suggestions to what I should do next, or how to ease or eliminate testicular nerve pain?
Many thanks

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by PP0123, Jan 02, 2016

Hi everyone,

Firstly I wish everybody the best of luck in getting rid of this very unpleasant problem!

My story is, about a week a go I was in the bath and as I was getting out I thought I would get some water out of the tap to wash myself off. The hot water tap had the last time I used it, a few minutes before, just luke warm - so without thinking about it I got some water in the jug and pored it over my chest to wash myself off. Well in the few minutes in-between the water had obviously heated up because it was now quite hot. When I pored it on my chest I was obviously aware straight away that the water was hot, but it didn't burn me so it wasn't like it was boiling hot, and my chest/groin was fine straight after. The problem is that the water also ran over my testicles and since then I have had a dull ache together with the occasional shooting sharp pain, that continues night and day whether I'm sitting still, standing, walking whatever. To be quite honest it is driving me to distraction, I can't sleep because of the pain and pain killers don't really do anything. I am honestly terrified that I have done myself some damage. I'm going to see the doctor on Monday but I don't know if there's anything that they could do. All I can hope is that it goes away by itself as it's certainly not something I'll be able to live with.

I know it's an unusual story but has anybody on here had, or knows somebody, who's had a similar experience?


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by Sunil1983, Mar 05, 2016
I had Chronic testicular pain . And i took nexium for chronic gastritis for last 3 years too. I found out Nexium was the main cause of chronic testicular pain. Because lonterm use of nexium reduces vitamin B12 levels significantly . Which might have cause nerve damage in testicles. Even magnesium levels drop badly because of long term use of nexium. anyway i want to tell you what worked for me to cure testicular pain. Start taking high dosage 5mg of subingual vitamin B12 everyday, start taking 400 mg of Magnesium tablets everyday and also epsom salt sitbath everyday. I also took vitamin D tablet everyday. Do pelvic floor dysfunction physical therapy everyday. Quit nexium and take natural method of gastritis control and control your bad food. Do all these things for at least 2 to 5 months. I also took gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day. I dont what worked but i dis everything mentioned above. And  This is what worked for me for curing chronic testicular pain. Dont jump into surgeries very soon try everything else for atleast 1 year .

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by Tangki, May 22, 2016
I had a epididectomy about a month ago as the pain was in my epididymis, it seems to be on the remaining cord now. I'm just turning 19 in 6 months and will lose my insurance so I don't know what to do. I don't want something living off of me without feeling and and needles bring me so much anxiety so the orchiectomy seems to fit my path. The pain is excruciating!please help, even if it's a "what I would do" type of advice.

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by Ballislife55, Jul 19, 2016
I'm glad I found this site. 8 months ago I found and lump and my right testicle started throbbing in pain very badly. I have been to numerous urologistS and the er  and they mostly agree I have epididymitis. The pain never STOPS!! It is 24/7 and it is the worst pain ever it's lunacy. I have been given 4 different antibiotics to treat the "epididymitis" nothing has worked and everything I read about it, it is cyclical. It should be gone and the pain should come and go but it's constant. The urologists seem like they could careless and there is no Empathy. I feel disconnected from the world, I have trouble sitting at my desk at work and I feel like I'm gonna be fired soon for missing so much time. Antibiotics haven't worked an no OTC pain reliever does anything. I am at my wits end, I recently had a new urologist recomended removal or we tried a nerve block shot which took the pain away for an hour. I see him again in 9 days, but he again seemed like an ******* that could have cared less about my pain and concerns. I'm close ro the end

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by mdilworth114, Jul 30, 2016
Crazy to read all these posts and see people who relate to my case when I feel nobody does. I was 18 when I first realized my condition was chronic and when it first occurred. I was at work running a water truck and I would stand behind the truck and spray water out of the "fire hose" attached to the truck. This was a very pressurized hose and I would hold it between my legs. For several hours if not all day. I saw several physicians but never necessarily a urologist. I was never helped and never even told Chronic Testicular Pain was an acutaul medical issue, at the time I wasn't to into researching things online. At the time I changed my underwear( started wearing more supportive) as well as bought a testicular supporter. These relived most of my pain and I went on with life, constantly wearing the supportive underwear and testicle supporter. At this point in my life I was extremely physical(riding motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, snowboards, etc.). Recently pondering on the past in my teens years I did have an episode of torsion but relieved on its own pretty much right away.

As I got older I had a couple injuries to my uhh penis and it seemed I 'developed' Peyronie's disease. The 'inflammation' stage kept me from working a really messed with my head. I didn't work for about 3-4 months and I stopped wearing the testicular supporter. 9-10 months into my new job after the 4 month off period I experienced an episode of torsion, It de-torsed on its own but I could hardly walk at work the next day. This whole time I've always been uncomfortable, always had uncountable-ness and pain in my testicles but it was withstandable. I left work and went to the ER but I was fine no torsion. They gave me pain meds and sent me home, I attempted to go back to work the next day and I couldn't, I was in some bad pain and left to see my urologist who I was seeing for Peyronie's disease. He had no answer for me and referred me to City Of Hope hospital. There I met a Dr. Wittig who explained some men just experience chronic testicular pain that isn't pin pointed and is a medical mystery basically. She referred me to another doctor, Dr. Warner. He told me there is a solution or at least an attempt to solve the pain. Through 2 surgerys. The first was hopeful to solve it and the second is sort of a back up plan. A bilateral orxhipoexy was up first which I had about 2 months ago now and I have had no relief. Prior to the surgery I had ANOTHER episode of torsion, which left me in MORE pain than before.

I am currently in pain and really can't do much. They have me on Percoset 10/325 which sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. Since I have medi-cal the pain management referral place is full and can't take any new patients and my urologist from City Of Hope prescribed me medicine but they only gave me 20 with no refills. I'm seeing Dr. Warner again on Monday 8/1/16. He is probably going to do a cord to determine if we should proceed with the 2nd surgery (cord denervation) and hopefully he'll help me with pain meds since I can't see a pain management doctor. I am very nervous and just want to be "fixed" so I can return to my normal life. I am 21 currently. This has taken its toll physiologically. Any advice?? Pain Meds you'd recommend or articles to read?

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by mdilworth114, Jul 30, 2016
He's performing a cord block. My pain seems to rise when I try to lift object (basically anything over 5-10lbs).

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by Intamr, Oct 21, 2016
Since three weeks my  son has severe pain in right testes. All investigations and analysis are normal. Antibiotics and NSADs management is not benefit. Pain is increased during the night. Medical diagnose- idiopathic orchalgia. He is only 17, and I don't know what to do!

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by Aditya1983, Mar 25, 2017
Since last six month  pain in right testes. All investigations (USG, urine and blood test  report normal. take antibiotics but It does not work so please help now I have no choice

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