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Welcome to Limboland Level 2!

Aug 28, 2014 - 0 comments












I'm starting in the middle of my story. The other day, I finally had a call to arrange a date for my second opinion neurology appointment, at the end of October. I'd been waiting five weeks already since I saw my GP.Another two months? Really? I'd like to get this over with now. My intuition is telling me very clearly what the problem is, but at the moment, our allopathic health system and holistic therapies have only just begun to come together, so I don't even bring the subject up. It does feel like I'm waiting for the specialists to confirm what I already know, though...

Back in November, my first neuro suspected Functional Neurological Disorder and clear blood tests and an MRI in January that came back 'within normal limits' supported her diagnosis. However, in Spring I got hit by a major new symptom - myoclonic jerks. Sudden, involuntary movements that felt like my startle  reflex on overdrive. It affected my head, arms, waist, pelvis and legs (not all at once but sometimes in combinations). Add to that a droopy eye and the tendency to consciously space out - not ideal when waiting to cross roads - then a couple of weeks ago my perfect vision declined and I'm now getting a reduction of colour, blurriness and some eye pain. The odd thing is that it migrates between eyes. My optician said that my eyes are healthy but I have become a little longsighted. It may be Optic Neuritis.

I'm quite sure that I have MS but it is up to the Neurologist to diagnose it. In the meantime, I wait in Limboland. Thank goodness for these virtual waiting rooms filled with people who really understand.

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