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Just another day

Sep 03, 2009 - 1 comments

rapid cycling



Went a bit hypo again... quite randomly. I didn't even notice, my friends where the ones that noticed that my speech was pressured and that I wouldn't keep quiet and I've also been quite impulsive this afternoon. After that felt a bit agitated but it seems to have passed and though I'm still feeling a little up, I wouldn't say I'm hypo anymore. Is it possible to cycle this quickly?

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by sleepsound, Sep 03, 2009
Hi SDEN yes it is possible to cycle this quickly , I have rapid cycling bipolar and can change hourly or daily but seem to be hypomanic for eight days, which is unusual but enjoyable as I am in control, so living life , loving life.Like you a lot of the time its my friends and family who point out my mood is changing especially when I'm going high lol
The agitation is a big prob which often leads to mixed moods which is a self destruct you get mixed?
take care...sleepsound

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