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DIL has very successful surgery!

Sep 04, 2009 - 12 comments




My DIL left Tuesday with her mother and father heading to The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The family was met by DIL's sister from NJ. My son stayed until Wednesday noon in order to get in half a day's work. My granddaughter, 7, had a 'meltdown' Tuesday evening according to my son. He said she cried and cried and sobbed out loud, asking questions like, "Why does my Mommy have cancer?" "Why does Mommy have to be gone so long?" "Is Mommy going to get well?" And saying, "I miss Mommy so much. When will she come home?" At  7, she is aware that something very bad is happening. They have told the children that our bodies are made up of cells, good and bad, and that Mommy has some bad cells that they're trying to kill and get out of her body. My 5-year-old grandson remains happy go lucky. He knows Mommy's sick, but he doesn't seem to realize that something is really, really wrong.

My son met up with the family on Wednesday night. My DIL had had tests & scans Wednesday, and surgery for Thursday was a go. At last.

I am writing verbatim what my son texted to me yesterday every two hours.

"They just took her back. They expect to be doing the surgery around 9 AM. Pray hard at 9 AM. She's in good spirits. Mayo is top notch. We love y'll, more later."

"OK...the nurse communicator just let us know that the liver surgeon has just finished. No apparent complications, praise God. Dr. Cliby will now starts his part...expected 4-6 hours. We expect a detailed report from the liver surgeon in the next hour or so. So far, so good. Keep it up people, pray like crazy!"

"OK! All is still going well with no unexpected complications...praise God! The thoracic surgeon that was on standby will not be needed. They think around 3 PM all will be finished. We expect to talk with the docs and get details at this time. She will not wake up from anesthesia until 6 PM. Keep up the prayer as we are nearing the end of surgery. Love y'all."

"OK, here it goes. We just met with the sugeon, mostly good news. They were shocked to find that the liver was not filled with cancer at all. All tumors were benign...praise God! They felt like they got all disease, no complications, no colostomie, no lung issues. It was heavily concentrated in the diaphragm and this was all removed. Microscopic stuff will remain. The only weird stuff was the pleura behind her lung. The area looks roughed chemo looking stuff. They sugest 2 round of chemo staarting in 3 weeks and then inserting a scope to look around. If it's bad, surgery. If not, 2 more chemos and then possibly an end. Love y'all and thanks for continued prayers."

"She woke up for a minute or so, long enough to learn that she kicked some cancer butt. She's absolutely beautiful. She hurts badly and will for days.No ICU, no liver cancer, successful surgery. This is as good as this scenario can be, praise God! She wanted a smooch and me to rub her head. Now she's snoring. Snoring has never sounded so great. Hopefully she will do this all night. Love y'all."

And today, "She just walked from the bed to the door... she's hot and tough! What a combination!"

Meanwhile, I have talked w/him via phone several times. He is just SOOO impressed w/Mayo. He says people couldn't be nicer, there's always a "real person" answering the phone, and that the Mayo folks respond to questions and requests immediately. The doctors work as a team and really seem to care. He says they are absolutely confident that they made the right decision going to Mayo, I guess even if it means paying additional cash since United doesn't contract w/Mayo.

Son stayed in DIL's room all night. Said she woke up about 4 and asked what was going, how was the surgery. Though she'd been told twice, she didn't remember. Son told her all the good news, and especially the good news about no liver in the cancer even though the docs did several biopsies and expressed their own shock at not finding cancer. DIL teared up and said, "Thank you, God." And went back to sleep.

Just got another text. "Same stuff, nothing too new. She is snoozing right next to me. She's walked a little this morning and will walk a little more in a few hours. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. We are still `encouraged by the surgery and the great care we continue to receive."

So, we are very thrilled with the outcome so far. We believe the Lord has richly blessed us, and we continue to pray for a good recovery with as little pain as possible.

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329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Sep 04, 2009
This sounds so promising and I am glad that you posted everything, including your son's text messages. It really shows his love for his wife. I hope she will be recovering quickly and can be home soon with her children. Many hugs for all of you and prayers too!


822194 tn?1263689103
by onthemendmomma, Sep 04, 2009

What a relief this must be for you. My husband and I were talking about this just yesterday. This OVCA is a bad hand to be dealt no two ways about it....but the quality of care you get makes all the difference...sounds like she is in really good hands. I hope this helps you breath a sigh of relief. Keep taking it one day at a time. Health and happiness to all of you,


483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Sep 04, 2009
What wonderful news.  I hope you are finally resting soundly.  God bless.

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by teko, Sep 04, 2009
Miracles happen. Congratulations to you and your on your very own god given miracle. Hope all continues to go as well as they have so far.

1011810 tn?1299678377
by BROOKE62, Sep 04, 2009
Congratulations!!!!!!  This is great news... I am so happy for both you and your family.  God Bless you all

167426 tn?1254086235
by SimplyStar, Sep 04, 2009
Dr Cliby was my daughters surgeon,  what a wonderful caring doctor, we are so lucky to have Mayo so close here in the MidWest,  I hope your DIL progress's  fast and is able to put cancer into her past.  Marty

648910 tn?1290663083
by saveone, Sep 04, 2009
Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause.  I am so happy for your family.  May she continue on the road to recovery.


408448 tn?1286883821
by marie3B, Sep 04, 2009
The news about the liver was a wonderful surprise!  I am so glad it went well.  Marie

146692 tn?1314331773
by butterflytc, Sep 04, 2009
Fantastic news, thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear a bit of good news, keep up the good work.

butterfly Tc

Avatar universal
by shewrites, Sep 04, 2009
Wonderful news.  Hug those grandkids.  My best to you and your daughter-in-law.  

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by Katie116, Sep 08, 2009
And more texts:
"Same stuff nothing too new. she is snoozing right next to me. she's walked a little this morning and will walk a little more in a few hours. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. We are still encouraged by the surgery and great care we continue to receive."

"Well, it's aboaut 2:40 PM and the temperature outside is 74. It's absolutely beautiful outside. I took a stroll with Betsy (DIL's sister) earlier just to get out and move around. The staff and doctors have been great here at The May.. ella sat and stood  up for a while around 11 AM & plans to try to take a few steps here here about 3:15. She is hurting more today which is expected after what she went through. 48 hours ago, they were finishing up her surgery and were about to deliver some of the best news news I've heard in my life. NO liver cancer! I've been saying that out loud to myself and smiling."

Immediately thereafter, this text:
You should try it. I tell you what, if you can say it out loud and not smile and think of God, I will personally give you $20 bucks! Thaks for continued prayers. I love y'all."

And last night as he was departing Rochester: "I'm in the airport in Rochester headed for Chicago and then home late tonight. Ella is doing well. She has used the bathroom for the first time, walked, sat up, and we wheeled her into the sunshine. She is worn out and sleeping but encouraged by the miracle we have all witnessed. Don't misunderstand or misinterpret what has taken place... I'm talking all out GOD stuff! I am happy and exhausted at the same time, looking forward to kissing my kids and having some lunch with them at school tomorrow. Thanks for prayers. I will leave again Thursday to be with Ella through the weekend."

I picked my son up at the airport about 11 last night. He was tired, rumpled, and unshaven. But he just couldn't say enough about The Mayo, the doctors, and the nurses. He also said DIL was put in a new room w/windows and sunshine. About that time, she texted him again to say she'd been to the bathroom again - by herself - hooray - and she was showing her keen sense of humor. Her sister from NJ/NY is with her now and will be until the weekend. My son will return to Austin Sunday evening to work again.

And to think. They want her to stay at The Mayo for 6-8 days, and then to stay in Rochester another 3-4 days. So that means she'll be coming home around the week of the 14th. Then she'll get to start that terrific (?) chemo again about 9/24. Bless her sweet heart. Last night I picked up the mail, and she had written little notes to each of the children and mailed them in separate envelopes. As I was tucking them in bed, a helper brought the notes up and said, "Look what I found!" Lindsey said, "It's from Minnesota! It's from Mommy!" They were thrilled to get the notes. The helper had them write notes to their Mom last night & will mail them today. I told them that Daddy would be home late that night, and the kids first said, "We're going to stay awake 'til he gets here." And I said no, they had to get to sleep since Tuesday is a school day. So Lindsey asked, "Will you tell Daddy to come give me a hug and a kiss when he gets here?" And I assured her I would.

The children are doing remarkably well. They were with friends at a lakehouse all weekend, jet-skiing, tubing, knee-boarding, swinging off a rope into the lake, and going down the slide. So last night when they got home, they were tired but happy.

A group of friends have set up a Fund at Wells Fargo for Ella. Since United treat Mayo as out of network, the bills are going to be stiff. And they've set up a fund-raiser - dinner, silent auction, and music for October 3. Jack Ingram is an up and comer In the C&W world, and a friend of theirs. They met through their children's soccer and baseball. Jack is going to do an acoustic set. Isn't that wonderful?

We consider ourselves richly blessed.

I hope you don't think I'm being too personal. That's just the way I am.... Kaye

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by Angie1992, Sep 08, 2009
Congratulations, this is the best news!!!  I think of Becky every day, please tell her what an inspiration she is.  Thank you so much for the updates and the prayers for all of you will keep coming.  I can't imagine how you all must feel, you've definitely made my day.

Sending love and prayers, Angie

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