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Sep 05, 2009 - 1 comments

I am so upset. I have been seeing this fellow for three years, and I only found out this past week that he has been lying to me for certain more then a year. I don't want to get into details, because I am so hurt and embarrassed that I didn't see the signs sooner. Not even my friends picked up on it. He wove such lies this past year, that you would think anyone who could come up with such elaborate stories. My sister and good friend even think that he is has to be right off his rockers to be able to do something like this. Not normal at all. I am not seeing him anymore and told him that I don't want to ever talk to him again. My good friend thinks I should get a lawyer involved, so he doesn't walk away from this without any consequences. My mind is such a jumbled mess right now, that it doesn't know what to think anymore, because it seems more like something you would see in the movies. I am digesting this and give it a couple of days to decide what I should do with this whole smelly mess. Definitely, I never want to see him again. He's such a smooth talker, that it took a few of us to piece together the pieces and realize what was going on. Actually some of the information we came across quite accidentally. And even now he pretends to be all innocence. And not knowing what to do with the situation. It is just downed right sick. My stomach feels so miserable. I know I will weather this one, and will take it easy these next few days, just to catch my breath again. In the mean time, many more tears seem to come. C'est la vie. What am I to do? what has happened has happened. there is no changing the past.

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by ibbarb, Sep 13, 2009
Betrayed, I had the exact same thing happen to me years ago.  I loved that guy beyond description.  He was an air force man from Pennsylvania.  His story was one of heartache, he lost his first wife on and on, we were promised to one another.  He was discharged and left to go home and get things together that he might come back and we would marry.  2 months later he writes and tells me that everything he had told me was a lie and that would I forgive him.  Well I don't understand all the lies in the first place.  But now down thru the years i realizie I was so richly blessed to have that all unfold for me.  You are so fortunate to have this experience to be saved from this man.  Yes the hurt is there, but this will make you a better person if you would brush this all off and find someone you can love and TRUST.

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