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Control Emotional Eating with this One Simple Question

Sep 04, 2014 - 6 comments

emotional eating


End Emotional Eating


binge eating

If "ending emotional eating" sounds like too difficult a goal to accomplish, I'd like for you to focus instead on a different one. A goal that is very achievable, and that will produce the exact same result...

Ask yourself "Why do I want to eat?" instead of "What do I want to eat?"

This is the most crucial question an emotional eater can ever ask themselves; it's the key to engaging your mind instead of your stomach. And it must happen the moment the urge to binge kicks in.

If you set yourself the goal of becoming an expert at asking "Why do I want to eat?" you'll set into motion the beginning of the end of your emotional eating pattern.

Emotional eating simply cannot sustain if your mind is actively engaged and silencing your triggers. It's like trying to do arithmetic while reciting the alphabet.

In addition, each time you ask "Why do I want to eat?" you allow your mind to do what it's naturally designed to: Problem-solve. And in the case of an emotional eater, this problem-solving starts by first identifying the events or people (triggers) that are causing your stress, then formulating effective solutions that don't involve eating.

Again, this is what your mind is naturally designed to do. There is no great effort required on your part. No having to concentrate like a Zen monk. Just a simple invitation for your mind to go to work is all that's required.

Your answers may not arrive immediately. They may not even arrive as fast as you'd like. But they will arrive. And in the interim, your ability to sidestep emotional eating will be naturally reinforced, not to mention the increase in your confidence, your self-esteem and your ability to control your weight.

What's gratifying, too, about all of this is that you'll free yourself from the gimmicks and marketing of the weight-loss industry. It currently generates $20 Billion-per-year in sales and pays celebrities between $500,000 to $3 million to endorse a product. And guess where all that money comes from? Everyday people handing over their cash in the hopes that the next magic pill, smoothie or workout routine will finally cure their weight problems.

The reality, of course, is that permanent weight loss only happens once you no longer need food to cope emotionally. It's no great secret. Nor is the way to achieve it. For those of you who'd like a little expert help in establishing the "Why do I want to eat?" habit, my free Pocket Hunger Coach app is available across all of your devices.

And if you're still having trouble working out the problems and finding the answers, the ShrinkYourself Program is always here for you.

Either way, I encourage you to ask yourself, "Why do I want to eat?" instead of "What do I want to eat?" the next time the urge to binge kicks in. It'll be a huge step in the right direction.

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by curlysue9, Oct 30, 2014
no matter what my emotion, i want to eat continuously.I have had a gastric by-pass and still abuse my self. Icome from a dysfunctional home and i am still dysfunctional at 58 years old.Do you think that abused children are worse about weight problems than other people.I am killing myself overeating.    "Thank you anoyomus"

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by SOB62, Nov 06, 2014
I know why I overeat...Now what?

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by Mcnickyo, Nov 10, 2014
I find I am already eating (in answer to an emotional calling) before I think of any ?? 's.  I know I should do as suggested yet I already didn't ask or listen.  I have tried to do as suggested , ask why do I want to eat?   If I could learn that lesson I know it would be helpful.
Thank you

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by sas51, Nov 19, 2014
I know why I want to eat; because I fixed something and I know it tastes great. And it is in there waiting for me, calling my name. I once took a pill that eliminated any thoughts of eating. They probably don't prescribe them anymore, afterall, they worked. I will try asking myself why do I want to eat .

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by Paulee2015, Jan 01, 2015
One of the issues I deal with is wanting to eat what is in front of me. By this I mean if there is food on the table even though I am full I feel the need to eat this food. It's tough. I keep a food journal and I write down whether I'm hungry or not, if there are emotional triggers. When I was in the US Navy they told me it took eight weeks to break a habit. I hope to do it this time. I know I didn't put the weight on all at once. I know it will take time. I also know the more distance between food and myself the better. I will do my best today to not overeat, but if I fail I know tomorrow I can pick myself back up and try again. I wish all of you the best of luck.

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by Shanty091, Jan 15, 2015
I eat bec I'm not in love anymore. And yet my husband is an alcoholic. My life is poor and I feel pity for myself. I'd like to travel a lot, to paint, write poetry, expirience new places, cultures, adventures but non of this happens to me. i couldn't afford it. That's why I'm eating. It sooths me, calm down and I'm able to do my everyday work.

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