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Weary Day Upon Me

Sep 08, 2014 - 0 comments

Most days I live by what I preach.  I try to remain positive and upbeat in every situation that arises in my days...but I am human.  Sometimes it's one rude interaction or one negative act of aggression or one quick witted slap in the face too many that sends me into a negative tailspin.  I internalize everything.  It's a major flaw in my character.  But it also has the power to bring my positive energy to its knees.   When the world around you seems to suffocate with persistent negativity it ultimately leaves one powerless in trying to keep their beacon of positive light reflecting outward for others to see.  I work diligently at changing myself for the better every single day.  I've come a very long way and I have a long way to go.  As I look back I hardly recognize the girl from 20 years ago but she seems so familiar at the same time.  Accepting and approving myself are sometimes hard to swallow.  I am a very harsh critic of myself...often times too harsh.  On this journey of self-discovery I've come to understand that I DO matter in this world.  Regardless of what I've done in my past it doesn't define who I am.  It just plays the part of the chisel that sculpted my collective thoughts and actions for today.  I am weary today but I won't let it claim tomorrow.

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