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What will help me with WD's???????

Sep 09, 2009 - 5 comments



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opiate addiction

Well its the age old question is it not?

There certainly is no experience like Withdrawal's is there? anyone whom has been on a serious opiate or opioid addiction can relate. but for those of you whom have not had the  pleasure of going cold turkey, you may be wondering......Is there anything I can do to ease the pain? the answer is yes to some degree. certainly the easy route is a replacement opioid like suboxone or methadone. but only a really ,really bad addict should ever use such programs. the reason why is, your brain will still be relying on an opioid, so the brains receptors will not be allowed to returb\n to normal. but there are certainly many cases where it is a good idea to go that route(ie. heroin users,major 20 -30 pill users,IV users...)  the problem with replacement opioids is over long term use, they will BE WORSE to get off of. the goal here is to make it through the worst part of wd's,without relying on narcotics to do it.

few facts to start with........

1)  no you wont die,even though you feel like it !!
2) the longer and harder you used.....means the longer its going to take to knock that 800 pound gorilla off your azz !!
3) people have done it yes,you too can do it.
4) other than taking another narcotic(replacement opioids like sub and 'done) there is no way of TOTALLY getting rid of WD'S. time is the answer. it took me about two weeks of hell and another 6-8 weeks of minor wd's to shake my methadone and norco habit. you know your messed up if it takes two months to just have a normal bowel movement !!!ARRRRRGH!!!! IT will be worth it!!
5) check out my other journal about the ten things one goes through durring wd's.
6) you cant expect to get any decent sleep for atleast 3-6 days or longer,  just part of the price we pay, below is a  few things that help.
7)If your not %100 committed and sure you need to quit, then your going to spin out and be back on the pills,thats all there is to it.  total focus and understanding of what you have done is in order.

So if you have never been through WD's, try and keep positive and know you can win this !!

Now what can I do to ease the Pain of WD's???

first we break it down into day and night.

Day time.......

try cold medicines, some say nasal sprays help with migranes.Ibuprophin.imonium for diarrhea. energy drinks helped me. other say L-tyrosine works. certain herbs like rhodiola rosea,ginseng,guarana and other body building stuff is worth looking into.power building protein mixes will solve all your vitamin needs and give a nice big dose of protein.

Night time........

night time cold meds,allergy pills, valarian root helped me. melatonin some say. milk and bananas are known to help ease the pain.

I will try and update this and certainly would like any suggestions to help others through this very tough time.

good luck and fight on to victory !! kick that 800 pound gorilla's azz :]

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983679 tn?1276833336
by leeisgettingclean, Sep 09, 2009
good post

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by beatingthis, Sep 09, 2009
Really Great Post!!

All newbies should read this. Well done!


518031 tn?1295575374
by jollyman069, Sep 18, 2009
brother you have hit the nail on the head, i c/t from a 4 year addicition to percs and morphine sulfate...thought i was going to die some ays wanted too...but i have 190 days clean and my life is great...i tried some of things you mentioned...but really the only thing that helped me was the Lord Jesus......God Bless..brian

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by Heather224, Nov 15, 2009
Im a newbie and I would rather be dead at this point I love all of you guys I was ashamed but I know I have a problem and I want better for me and my kids This is day one for me and Im literaly in hell on earth please pray for me! Thanks

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by suew3, Apr 15, 2010
Hi everyone, especially jollyman,
  I was on 50 Fentanyl patches and 400 fen.suckers and hydro ES,  I am on my 5 th day alone, I have terminal ovarian cancer that is and has bee pushing on my sacral nerve, but I started by going to a TRUSTED Rheumatologist, plus I have been and still am a RN for 30 yrs.  Have beenunable to work for 1 yr, foreclosure, CC law suits, looked for help everywher, ended up with a BIPOLAR, Self-medicating MD, as I witnessed, who wrote the RX's wrong x3 to MEDCO, due to changes in INSURANCE from UNITED HEALTH, they sent a note saying all meds have to go through them and we had 3 mos to get it done!!  She couldn't write them right so she threw the RX pad @ me, saying, "Write THEM YOURSELF".  After 10 calls to MEDCO, and 4 to MD, plus the visit, to straighten it out!!  I QUIT<  I will live with pain till I die and hope Advil and Naprosyn still workd, I didn't want the stupid medicine anyway!!  I was misdiagnosed 20+ yrs. ago with panic attacks and am now on Clonopin, but yrs. later found out I had inner ear damage by having an ENG, (ear balance test) and I didn't have panic attacks, but did 4 yrs. later due to fear of not being able to walk due to dizziness. LOL I also am now diabetic and have high BP.  about 30 meds in all.  She said "YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER MD"  without any withdrawl help.  She said 2 days later she would write one more but that's it.  I never abused or asked for more, even though pain still there.  NO family support-long story.  Never lied. I fel like crap, married 27 yrs, it's been ok but since I QUIT my job due to harrassment, (when they found out I was sick), I have been called names and hit by both husband and live in daughter of 34 and grandson(7), called names,by them also, she never even paid rent and I gave her thousands and had my grandson al lthis time-babysittting while working, had all teeth pulled, etc.  I thank you for sharing your hope, and GOD has been GOOD to me and I pray all day to help me, in my head.  I have w/d symptoms but not sure how long it will take. Any advise would be great!!
GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Sue [email protected] ***@****:)

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