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Splitting My Lantus Dose

Sep 14, 2009 - 0 comments







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So after 5 days of going back to 29u of Lantus I had a moderately low day yesterday and morning lows almost every day, and the last few nights I've been eating a bigger bedtime snack to try and compensate for it. Starting last night at bedtime I decided that I'd split up my lantus dose to inbetween 14 and 15 on the syringe and take a shot each at every 12 hrs. I started last night and ate a bigger snack last night as well to compensate for it being low which explains today's highs. Tonight I think Im going to do the 14 in the daytime and the 13 before I go to bed with a lighter bedtime snack. I really hope it helps with the morning lows and I hope that it doesnt end up causing evening lows as well.

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