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Today was botox day!!!

It didn't hurt getting it... but, I felt dizzy after about 19 shots and I had to lie down to get the rest of the shots. Then, after I'd got the shots, my face and neck and shoulders really started to hurt.

I'd had a migraine just before hand too. I had to take a zomig. I wonder if the migraine was triggered by stress... like, anticipating the botox... haha, that would be sort of ironic. I bet it was more standing out in the sun all day and jumping up and down at my volunteering job... which I probably shouldn't have done, I know better than to jump up and down, but, I wanted to have fun... and, oh well, I had fun! Even though it hurt me afterward... uggh.

Anyway. So, yeah, I had a bad migraine and I had to take zomig just before my appointment. And then the botox shots really hurt me, not during the shots... but AFTER the shots and I still REALLY hurt!!! When will the hurt go away!?

I have to get back to school!!! My teacher is already disappointed/upset with me I think :( missing class today is bad!!! Uggh. I guess I could go to school in pain. I also had to take a hydromorphone... and, when I am in a lot of pain, sometimes the hydromorphone actually does effect me a little bit and, I probably won't be "there" if you know what I mean... but, it's probably better to go then to not go... but, I just want to lie down and go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow and get allll my homework done because I have SO MUCH OF IT!!!

I don't know what to do. I already will have missed half of the 4 hour class. I will see. I have about an hour to decide if I can go or not... maybe that is an hour to get better really. But OW OW OW I hurt so much right now. Is this normal?? Am I supposed to hurt this much after botox?? Maybe I am just a wuss. Maybe it just hurts me because I hurt so much already... I think that happens to people in chronic pain... things hurt them more than normal people sometimes. Ugggh.


But!! Exciting!! Let's hope the botox works!! I soooo hope this is the answer!! Or at least helps!! I am kind of excited. Maybe I will get my life back and never have to drop out of school again and I will go back to being an A- student and being like a totally awesome person with friends that I get to see and stuff... that would be cool. Yeah. I'm excited. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up... but, I am going to this time... just because I want to be hopeful about something for a little while at least. :)

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