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I'm Back!

Sep 28, 2014 - 8 comments

It was a struggle and many times a nightmare for me after the liver transplant. But... don't get discouraged. Not everyone goes through what I went through. There were severe Ascites problems, a failed TIPS procedure and more. however, I'm back and better than in many years.  You will also be back and better than in many years after your transplant. Even though in my case I suffered a lot, I would do it again to have this second chance in life. The road is now smooth. I went over the bumps and I can see the road for miles and miles without bumps...


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by cheflady, Sep 29, 2014
FANTASTIC!! Heres to a long, long straight road.Hope you can continue your new found health and a bump free recovery luv Julesx

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by penn1023, Sep 30, 2014
Do you need to go on the new meds? Keep us updated!

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by AKHepper, Oct 01, 2014

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by Magnum, Oct 01, 2014
I should start the new meds in about three weeks. Hope that will once and for all kill the monster after 5 failed treatments!

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by child24angel, Oct 03, 2014
Magnum, truly wonderful news !!!!!!!!!! all my best always


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by Flowerchild700, Oct 23, 2014
Good For You! God Bless You! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing so well now! Hope your treatment is a success!

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by trese03, Jul 22, 2015
I am having a nightmare right now myself.   Pre-Transplant  looking for a live donor at the moment.    Lots of complications as I have been hospitalized 4 times since October 2014.   Most of my meds are to treat symptoms of end stage.    I am so very frustrated.....I just wish I could get my life back.

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by Magnum, Jul 22, 2015
There are states in which you can get a liver faster than others. I believe Colorado is one. That's where I believe Steve Jobs went for his. Check it out. However, you will need someone there that can be your sponsor. In other words, someone who will take you to and from the hospital and the follow-up visits. That's mandatory. I never gave up hope and I was very close to death. I believe that's why they gave me a liver after only three weeks on the transplant list.

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