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candida the cause of most illnesses - how to heal

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


insulin resistance




Food Allergies






muscle pain


Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am 48 at 165lbs. (lost 20) 5 '4''
I have had a long journey battling illness and I can say that candida has always been the cause. I was given many rounds of antibiotics for chronic bladder infections as a 5 year old. With in five years of this I became fatigued, and obese by the age of 10. From this point on my health was always a problem for my parents. I suffered with anxiety, fatigue, learning difficulties, severe allergies ( that started after the antibiotics were taken) constipation, acid reflux, very gassy tummy and weight gain all through my childhood into adult hood. The bladder infections were a yearly problem from ages 5 - 42 (antibiotics were always given).

I always struggled with my weight no matter how well I ate and exercised.

When I hit my late 30's my world began to fall apart. I had persistent gall bladder attacks as well as swollen glands located on the right side of my breast. Doctors ignored my concerns and my health problems continued to increase. Started having problems with recurrent migraines, minor muscle pain and thought it was from working out.
My fatigue became terrible upon working out as well as the gallbladder attacks.

I realize now that the fatigue, migraine headaches, muscle pain, swollen glands and gallbladder attacks were caused by die off of the candida species due to the added oxygen intake from exercise.

When your body gets over loaded with candida toxins it caused all of the symptoms I have mentioned along with many more depending on the severity. I created more toxins by killing the candida through exercise and my symptoms became worse.

Ended up having my gallbladder removed in 2008.

Not feeling much better after surgery I went to see a rheumatologist about my joint pain. Testing came back equivocal for lyme ( this means needs further testing which wasn't done) and was told I didn't have it, along with slightly elevated sed rate, and an elevated rheumatoid factor. Doctor said I have fibromyalgia and was going to develop rheumatoid arthritis and that I should start on anti-depressants, pain meds, and immune suppressants to slow the disease. I asked him about my terrible abdominal pain, irregular heart beat, fatigue, nerve pain throughout my body and swollen glands and he said that I would have to see other doctors for those conditions. Even with all of these symptoms he was still going to put me on immune suppressants. You are not suppose to take that stuff if there is a chance you may have an infection. He said there is no cure for what I have. I was very upset but I told him I was not going to take meds that could possibly destroy my kidneys or worse kill me. I left and decided to look into lyme disease.  

Had persistent health problems after surgery and seeing my rheumatologist. Muscle pain, headaches and migrains, stiff neck, swollen glands. Went to see a lyme specialist and tested. I tested positive for lyme, mychoplasma, and babesia through Igenex labs. Treated with antibiotics for almost 3 years not realizing then that I had a candida issue. Antibiotics helped some but it wasn't until I treated the candida that things began to turn around. 3 years of antibiotics have put a terrible strain on our immune system and health.

Things became even worse during lyme treatment  I had an irregular heart rythm along with a strong beat that felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, insulin resistance, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar (reactive hypoglycemia), headaches, severe migraines, neck tightness, joint pain, severe muscle pain, eye dryness, severe light sensitivity, burning skin on hands and feet, skin dryness, puffy eyes, water retention, all over body nerve pain, terrible feet pain, calf pain, hand pain, joint pain, chemical sensitivity, severe allergies, very itchy skin, extreme hair loss, vertical lines on nails with rough brittle texture, teeth pain, athletes foot, vaginal yeast infections, vaginitis, abdominal pain ( had prior to gallbladder surgery that got worse after surgery), acid reflux ( before and after surgery), mouth sores,burning tongue, cracked lips, very itchy skin, hard pimple like bumps on my arms and upper back, sores on my scalp, rosacia on my face, cold hands and feet, cold body temp.(always cold), ear buzzing or ringing, low progesterone (candida feeds on progesterone), dry brittle hair, numbing of hands and feet, bursitis, tendonitis, thyroid inflammation, sleep problems (waking and insomnia), turned grey young, chills, low body temp., unexplained rashes, acne and problems with floaters in my eyes.

Lyme treatment didn't seem to help me very much. I explained to my lyme doctor that I could not ingest any carbohydrate without having debilitating pain afterward. I was on a low carb diet and didn't loose any weight. This didn't make any sense. Having imbalanced hormones didn't help.

I decided to go off of treatment and went on a candida diet along with taking flueconazol (fungal drug) for a few months to see if this would help. I started the flueconazal and one pill caused me severe body pain. I new I had my answer that my health conditions all along were caused by a systemic fungal yeast infection. To get yeast systemically you also likely have leaky gut. This is where the candida creates inflammation and small holes in the intestines where food particles as well as candida gets through. This is why many people suffer with food allergies. the immune system attacks the food particles getting through (this is what some specialists speculate). Candida is the cause of most gluten allergies or sensitivities. Having candida causes a lack of enzymes to help break down milk products. This is why many people develop lactose intolerance. The candida toxins are the cause of many enzymes not working properly. The sicker you become the more sensitivities and food allergies you will have.

After two months of suffering debilitating pain due to die off from taking the flueconazolI (fungal drug), I awoke one day and felt like my old self. Unfortunately with in a few weeks after treatment, my symptoms began to come back. I realized then that there isn't a quick fix to a systemic yeast infection. A long road ahead.

Our immune system is mostly controlled by our health of our colons. Most of us suffer with weak immune systems because of our diets and the use of antibiotics. The antibiotics give us a terrible imbalance of good and bad bacteria. We are not told to replace our good bacteria with probiotics and diet. So, the cycle of bad health begins. It will especially be noticed in people over the age of 40.

To some up everything.
Candida is a tough fight. I am still fighting today but making progress.
I have found some great supplements to help me on my journey.

Before beginning any supplements you need to be on the candida diet along with fiber and bentonite clay.
I take NOW fiber 3 -1 tblsp with 1 tblsp of liquid bentonit clay in 8 oz. of water. Two hours before or after eating and taking any supplements. I usually take this at 10:30 am and 8;00 pm. Start out with once daily and add twice daily a week later.
These supplements help get the build up of toxins out of the body. This is very important because if you have leaky gut those toxins will go back into the body making it difficult to heal. Toxins are bound to the clay and the fiber scrapes and cleans the colon. The fiber is also very important for the beneficial bacteria to feed upon.
It also help raise your good cholesterol that you need to fight this illness.

We take 2 glutamine capsules, 2 NOW quecertin with bromelain capsules, and 1 capsule of NAC 600 twice a day. These help heal your leaky gut and detox the body. These must be taken on an empty stomach. We take them at 6;00am about a 1/2 hr to 1 hr before breakfast and at 10:00pm before bed.

One supplement that I take that has helped me tremendously with muscle pain is molebdenum. Molebdenum helps to detox the candida toxins. Most people with fibromyalgia are likely defficient in this element. I take one pill ( Thornes chelated Molebdenum product ) 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
This product can be a problem for some people. IT CAN CAUSE GOUT IN SOME PEOPLE. It all depends on how well your body is functions in getting rid of toxins. It depends on the severity of the individual. One of candidas toxins is uric acid and if the body is overloaded it may be hard to process it quickly enough before it causes gout. If the body is low on molebdenum and you take it before being on the diet and doing other cleansing, it will dump uric acid and other toxins into your system. SO BE CAREFUL. Start with one pill a day, taken with a meal and increase after a week if needed ONLY AFTER BEING ON THE DIET FOR A MONTH AND DETOXING WITH OTHER SUPPLEMENTS.

Another supplement I take is MSM. This has helped me with healing my colon, my bowel movements, energy, detoxing my cells, and helps relieve painful tendons. I use Doctors Best granulated or pills. I would start out with one 1/4 tsp. a day or 1 pill a day and increase every week until you get to 1/4 tsp. or 1 pill three times a day. You need to drink a lot of water while taking this because it has diuretic properties. YOU SHOULD ALSO TAKE VIT C TO HELP IT BE MORE EFFECTIVE AND B-12 BECAUSE YOU CAN BECOME DEFICIENT.
I take ESter C 1000 two times daily along with a b-12 complex supplement once daily.

I had my doctor put me on Nyastatin 2 times a day. I have been on this for a month and I recently added a probiotic that is used to kill candida.
It is called Symbion For Life probiotics.
I had some die off with the nyastatin but not nearly as bad as taking the symbion probiotics. I recommend starting out on one capsule a day. Nyastatin will not kill all of the overgrowth of candida by itself. This is why I added the symbion probiotic.

I also take a probiotic 50 billion 1 time a day. It is made by RAW in a green box and is kept in the refrigerated section. This probiotic is used to replace what you have lost. You can find it at Vitamin Shoppe. I am not sure if it is even necessary to used probiotics. The goal here is to rid the small bowel of bacteria because it is not suppose to have any. Adding probiotics could complicate the issue.
Right now I am not taking any probiotics. I eat kefir yogurt, kimchee, sauerkraut and kumbucha drink to replenish my bacteria.

Lactoferrin by Jarrow is taken once a day with a probiotic. It is suppose to help with fighting candida, help your body to utilize iron,  increase bone density, help with immune system and much more. I am not sure how well it works yet. I have problems with low iron I believe to be caused by the candida overgrowth. Hoping this helps.

Ester C 1000 twice daily
Fiber is important to get your healthy bacterial levels back
Astragulus root - just began taking it for the immune system.
Digestive enzymes with each meal until you get back to normal. Candida can make it difficult to digest our food properly and get the nutrients we need.
Milk thistle and dandelion root to help liver with detox and prevent damage.

My current health is much better since I have been on this supplement regimen and diet.
Many of my symptoms are gone.
I do have reoccurring symptoms when I have die off or if I break my diet.
Die off is important to understand. Look up candida die off and herxheimer reaction.
You will have this if you are killing candida, infections, viruses, parsites and so on. To lesson die off symptoms - drink lots of water, stay off of caffeine, stay on a clean diet, no sugar, no flour, no breads, lots of veggies - mainly green, green smoothies, high protein and good fats.
Supplements like molebdenum, NAC, MSM, bentonite clay, fiber, milk thistle and dandelion root help with detox.

We take in some white rice, but mostly eat brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat noodles or rice noodles. No gluten until you are healed. Plain Kefir yogurt not sweetened with some fruit and stevia. Almond butter instead of peanut butter.
Fermented foods are very important like: kefir yogurt, kimchee, sauerkraut, kumbucha drink, and other fermented foods. Look up Candida diet.

I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 2009 as having rheumatoid arthritis. It will soon be 6 years and no sign of this horrible condition. An elevated rheumatoid factor does not always mean you will get this horrible disease. I still have pain in my spine, hands and feet at times. It is when I am having die off. The toxins get trapped in the extremities causing the pain. Massaging the forarms towards your shoulder and massaging the calves towards your torso will help eliviate this condition. My spine pain that feels like someone poking me with an ice pick happen when my lymphatic system is overloaded. My glands are always swollen if my spin hurts. Spinal fluids are connected to the lymphatic system. I am sure the pressure builds when my body cannot process the toxins fast enough. A few things that may help with the lymphatic system. Hot bath with epson salts about 3-4 cups or a hot pack placed on the spine or swollen glands. Hot tub or sauna would as well. Careful not to use to long because it will cause more die off and add to already overloaded system.

Recovery takes a few months to a few years. It all depends on the severity of you candida overgrowth.

My husband, my self and my son all have this condition and we were all diagnosed with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is prediabetic. Our endocrinologist told us that we were likely fighting an ifectious disease.
We were all healthy in every other way and had good eating habits. This is likely why we did not develop diabetes.
We caught it before it happened.

I believe it is possible I gave my condition to my husband and son when he was born.
My husband and son have this condition as well and we are fighting with everything we have to get it under control.
I hope this helps some of you that do not know what to do.

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by pillsman, Oct 25, 2014
hello Madam you don't have to worry your self about that anymore, we have a solution for your worries , I'm DR. SLANG we have special medication for that, please you are free to contact  for more details

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1353650 tn?1429463374
by donjoe341, Oct 25, 2014
I do not need your help. I posted this to help other people. There is no simple fix or medication for my condition. It takes time, persistance and patience to get my bacteria balance back to normal. I am under treatment by a licensed physician.

Avatar universal
by Fibromayaga, Nov 09, 2014
Donjoe341 was wondering what type of physician would you recommend? My Gp seems is great but know he does take the time know has the time to guide me along to recovery. I was diagnosesd with candida years ago.  Have fought off digestive issues for years; ischemic bowel, constant gas, pain and nausea.
Have had knee and shoulder surgery.
Recently I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So I am presently taking. Lyrica, cymbalata, and zolpiderm.
Was seeing a chiropractor who specializes in Functional Health. This was a six month treatment of supplements, diet and blood tests. I actually was feeling better and was moving towards a nonprescription life. After the six months of using his supplements, etc. I would have to pay an absorbantly amount of money to continue with his suppliments and consuls. (4,800.00) was enough I  my opinion. Lol
Will look into the candida diet. Would appreciate any other options you may have  Thanks Lynn

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by Ardee007, Aug 26, 2016
This post is very helpful. I was treading the same tortuous path that you once were. Am glad its all because of Candida, my report shows overgrowth, but doctor says no medication is prescribed,follow the candida diet control.
Problem with doctors are, they are not ready to consider something speculated as "Leaky Guts" exists, and it impacts half the population today. From IBS to tendonitis, to heavy metal toxins in body, it all points to one thing - Candida...sobs.

& this diet control is not easy, but it is mandatory, it helps, but doesn't cures. As you have suggested, we need many supplements. I am going to follow up your regime. Thanks a lot for sharing the same.

Also have you got yourself checked for heavy metals ? Body tends to support Candida overgrowth when heavy metal growth is there.  Many people have recursive attack after getting almost cured...Take care...wish for yours speedy recovery!

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by iluvchico1969, Apr 26, 2019
I see these posts are very old. But im suffering with the same issues. But i also have mthfr deficiencies. So im not sure how this would work. I have the 2 most common ones. Im dealing with all of the problems listed above as well as scalp problems and skin issues. There is dandruff which grosses me out! Ive never had it. Plus little sand like granules on scalp and down sides of face and creases of nose. I have an appt with dermy in a couple of weeks. Also appt with a female dr to do an exam. I had a hysterectomy at 22 yrs old and just turned 50. It was a total radical hysterectomy they took everything. But been noticing hot flashes the past few years. I wasnt put on hormonal therapy because of the risks of cancer. I so want to try this regimine but am afraid because of the mthfr. I take lmethylfolate but thats it. I dont think the drs even know what to do about it. Ive also been told i have fibromyalgia and severe depression and anxiety. My whole body itches. And the drs i jave due to my medical insurance dont listen whatsoever. Ive seen 7 different drs. And 3 seperate drs in the same clinic and the last dr asked why ive seen so many drs...i believe he thought i was dr shopping. Even tho i have never once mentioned or even hinted that. My mom had what i believe was untreated lupus. They said it was cytopenic thrombotic purpura. She was 57. But i dont believe that dx since ive researched it. So ive lost all confidence in the medical field and ive turned to these websites for help. I hope i can follow this but i dont know if i can afford all the supplements on my fixed income but im sure going to try. Thank you for the detailed help. I truely appreciate it.

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