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Have taken a more responsible attitude in regards to my 'array' of problems.

Oct 15, 2014 - 0 comments






The only way I reached to the point of taking a more responsible attitude has been as a result of a recent boost within my mental state.  This arose from going on holiday for the first time in ages and ages!  The actual holiday itself led to a complete change in both my life style, and my usual emotional being was particularly challenged.  I felt 'cornered' to behave in a false dishonest happy, smiling and calm way.  This actually worked in a most unpredictable way!  Fake positivity produced a real, a most real positivity at the time, which was a real learning curve for me.
Sadly on my return I did struggle with what I had emotionally suppressed -this 'push back' of so to speak 'incorrect behavior, thought and emotion left me with what I can only call 'excess energy'.  An uncomfortable 'mania' episode surfaced after years of being totally clear of that type of madness.  Only, I worked hard and was able to direct my energies towards some of the positive changes of life style I'd learned to fake.  So I've learned that a bit of fake can make for positive change.
I've always been one to say never to be dishonest with the way you feel, however, I can now understand 'therapies' that teach you 'alien' to your usual thoughts and ways are not to be pushed aside.  Have a go!  The mind is such a powerful tool (I've learned far to late!).
Hope this helps somebody.
Beanie0 x

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