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Oct 22, 2014 - 0 comments

hep c

Can't believe it's nearly a year since I was posting. In sum, the naturopathic treatment didn't do any harm but then again it didn't do much good either, ie it didn't get rid of the virus. Indeed, it did interact badly with Suboxone at high levels and I had to stop. I don't want to harp on that but I consider it something I had to do.

I have been studying Grad Dip in Professional Communication and have just completed two units in Scriptwriting which has been challenging as I have drawn on a lot of personal experiences.  I don't think I'm the next Vince Gilligan but the study has been good for personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment!!

I am still working full time in a call centre which can be a hive of bacteria and germs... ich! but generally have maintained good health. As I stated in my introduction, my liver is functioning within the norm, however recently I have been experiencing increased lethargy, acute head ache, painful wrists and strange sensations in my extremities, as well as mild fever.  Overall this makes me feel unenthusiastic about exercise and the gym is difficult to consider at the end of the day.  I decided to take today off work, something I have hesitated to do as I don't deal very well with too much time to myself.  I hope the rest will put an end to this bout of lethargy which started about two weeks ago.  

I have also described spasmodic attacks I experience from time to time emanating from my tummy and I wonder if this may be related to Hep C.  They generally knock me for six. I was ready to have a gastroscoscophy (?) but haven't booked in yet as the fasting put me off the idea of it and just getting organised.  And I didn't have an attack for several months - until two weeks ago.  This of course, would seem to be the cause of the recent relapse of lethargy and fever.  

I am wondering if the virus is catching up with me, no matter how well I look after myself. Or am I kidding myself? Do I have to look after myself better than I have been.  For instance I don't want to go without a glass of wine over dinner, etc etc

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