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09-26-09 - It's a Saturday

Sep 26, 2009 - 0 comments is Saturday... I am having body aches today, but feel better then I have in the last week.  Last night I made some phone calls to some of my peeps to let them know what was going on.  I didn't want to give details, but let them know that my immune system is out of wack and I would be starting some treatment.  I basically wanted to gather my support peeps, but also let them know that if I didn't return calls as quickly as I use to that there was a reason for it and not to take it personally.  It does feel good to be surrounded with love.  I have been blessed with some dear ( and amusing) people.                                
   I am preparing to tuck in for the winter..get treatments started.. and hopefully in the spring I will be feeling better. My first priority is getting well.  I can only do this by treating myself as I would the love of my life.  I need to really concentrate on surrounding myself with positive and supportive people.  A close friend of my family brought over milk thistle and red clover.  This should help with cleaning before treatment.  
So for right now...this minute...everything is good!  Feel the moment,take a breath and enjoy :)

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