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My impression of you Ladies

Sep 27, 2009 - 1 comments

It will soon be 3 years since I first stumbled onto this forum,  I have learned so much.  You all give so freely of your knowledge and your compassion. Those that have gone onto their rewards in heaven, I keep in my heart, never to forget their courage and love that shown through from each and every one of them.  Those of you still fighting the beast, know that I and many others are right there with you and will continue all the way.  The care givers are those that streadfastly stand by to do and give what they can.  I have a mental picture of a hugh collection of Golden Awards, a warrior woman, standing tall to defy. all odds and each bearing a name of one of my friends.  I would be so pleased to stand by you and give each one of you  this trophy .  But this I cannot do, so I ask each one of you to picture a vitual Golden Award, made and presented to you in your honor.  Forever your friend,  Marty

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by justscore, Oct 05, 2009
What a beautiful post!  How is Leslee's garden coming along?


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