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Clomid round 1...FIGHT

Oct 30, 2014 - 0 comments


So, clomid has been sitting in my medicine cabinet since August I believe. Or was it July. Hell I cannot even remember. All I know is I didn't feel ready to start taking it. I wanted to do more research etc. Well here we are, I took the first pill last night on my 5th day of my cycle. No symptoms. I feel fine. Lets hope that continues for the next 4 days that I have to take it. From cycle day 10-20 you are supposed to hump like rabbits (haha) every other day. I am in no way getting my hopes up. I am also not trying to be negative. Therefore I am just sitting in the middle leaving it up to God and at the same time lol. I am not big on taking medication. I never thought I would be in this position to rely on doctors to get what we truly want, or what I feel my body should do on it's own naturally. I am just trying to take deep breaths and enjoy life as it comes at me by making the best out of every situation possible. Life continues with or without you aboard ;)

I will try to post my experience with clomid. I have to go in on the 23rd day of my cyle to get blood work done to see if I ovulated I guess. I'm new to this process so I'm just going with the flow. Fingers are crossed. Guess we shall see.

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