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Embryo Adoption

Nov 03, 2014 - 3 comments

embryo adoption



I'm posting this based on an email send to a church fertility group that I'm associated with.  I'm hoping it may be a blessing to someone.



My name is Tricia Tennille.  I am currently still a member of Peachtree, however, we are living in Muskegon, Michigan.  For many years, I photographed baptisms for the church until we moved.  That is how I know Melissa Snipes.  We were also in her Sunday school group.

Anyways, a little background.  My husband Lee had low mobility and I have PCOS, so we went through IVF with Dr. Shapiro.  We were very blessed because the company Lee work for had IVF coverage on their health insurance policy.  We could never have been able to afford the process without it.  As you know, it can be costly.  My overies produced 21 viable embryos and Allie took on our first try.  We were left with 18 embryos and no finances to try again.  We actually still owe $3,000 in past due storage fee as well as being too old.  That left us with the decision of what to do with them.

We would love to give someone the opportunity to adopt them.  It took a long time to come to our decision.  I don't think it is meant to be easy to give up children, even if they are not born yet.  We would like to find someone who is okay with an open-ish adoption.  We would never want to adopt a child that we did not feel like was completely ours, so we could not ask that of anyone else.  So, We would love a situation were we are considered like distant grandparents that get email updates and can possibly meet the child once in a while. Our daughter is 10 and said she would want to know about any brothers or sisters.  I'm not sure if this is to much to ask? But I'm just putting out what we would find ideal.

Tricia and Lee Tennille.

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by MyMelBgirl, Nov 03, 2014
Wow Vency,
This brought back so many emotions. I know it must be so difficult for them to decide what to do. I'm sure plenty of people will be interested. What a wonderful gift. I will share this with someone I know and see if she will PM you. Bless you for posting and bless them for doing something so selfless.

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by Vency, Nov 04, 2014
Hi Ellen,

I got the post from Hollus and shared with her that I've reached out to the mom of the embryos to see if she would mind someone outside of the church group contacting her.  Once I saw the email, I knew right away this was the place to come.

I hope that your body will grant you the favor of being able to carry a sibling for Mel one day.


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by MyMelBgirl, Nov 04, 2014
Thank you V. I hope so too. Just as long as I'm able to be patched back up to raise the two babies. I would be the luckiest person on the planet. Bless U and baby J

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