Migraine or Cluster Headache?

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Cluster Headache




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I went to the doctor today, to my GP. I told him about the crazy weird awful super horrible migraine I had last week that lasted for so long and was so intense. He thought it might have actually been a cluster headache. He gave me a different type of medication to try if I ever get a blood shot eye and tearing from one eye and the same sort of feeling like there is ACTUALLY something in my eye, like an ACTUAL object instead of just a metaphorical object to describe the pain.... because, I swear it felt like there was an ACTUAL sharp object in my eye, not like just a sharp pain, but a SHARP object, it was insane. Anyway. he gave me some weird new medication to try and told me if it doesn't work I should go to the hospital next time to get oxygen. I am so used to not going to the hospital anymore... especially if the pain isn't at a 10/10. I was confused... I was like... "but, after I took everything I had to possible take the pain got down to a 5/5 and sort of stayed that way... that's not really severe" and he was like "but it stayed that way for days" and I just sort of thought to myself "but it's like that a lot, so what?" but his point was that my eye was blood shot and it felt like there was an object in it so that was different... and, I was pretty much incapacitated for a week... but, like, I don't know, I am pretty much incapacitated for a week all the time, that happens a lot, not the other stuff, but the incapacitated for a week stuff does... I don't get what's different... I don't get when I'm supposed to go to the hospital and when I'm not... it's so confusing... I feel like if I went to the doctor every time it was severe or every time it didn't get better then I'd just be wasting tax dollars... this is MY LIFE... what's weird? what's unusual? the only reason I went to the doctor this time was because my mom made the appointment because my symptoms this time freaked her out so much. I don't know. Maybe I should go to the doctor more often. Maybe I should ask for help more often. This just has started to feel so normal to me... and so boring... I don't want to be sick anymore... I just want to pretend that everything is normal... that this is what life is like and it's okay. Okay. Well. Admittedly, the migraines have been more intense lately. If I get another bad one, or one that won't go away, I'll go to the doctor, he said he'd give me a shot or something... and if that doesn't work, then I'll go to the hospital, well, Urgent Care... or something. But... well, whatever, we'll see. Hopefully I won't get another bad one, right? Maybe they'll stop right now and I'll never get another one again... haha, yeah right, I got another one this afternoon already, I took a zomig though and it seemed to go away.

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by rudyhorse, Oct 01, 2009
So sorry it didn't go well at the DR.  Maybe you feel like I sometimes do, this is life let's just get on with it because it doesn't change.  For me my Dr said go if it lasts too long--more than 3days or so, if the symptoms are different, or if it is so severe I can't handle it.  In your case this was different and lasted too long.  I know it is almost as if the migraine never goes away anyway so why bother anymore.  Yet I think we have to keep trying to get better control of them.

Sometimes I just don't care, I have had them so long and nothing is working so why bother, but I'm glad your Mom made you go. Just sorry it feels so frustrating.  You do a great job tracking them and working at doing your best to hang in there even though they are so severe for you.  


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by marileew, Oct 01, 2009
Thanks Tracy. It's nice to know that you understand how I'm feeling. And you're right, it was good that my mom made me go... even if it gets frustrating. Thank you for the support. :)

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