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Freaking Out! Grades?

Oct 03, 2009 - 2 comments

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I'm 14 and I started my freshman year of high school on August 31st. I checked my grades online yesterday and my grades were:

Algebra - 83.89%
Spanish - 84.82%
Physics - 90.27%
English - 69.56%
Gym - 91.00%

I'm really freaking out about these grades, I know they're awful (especially English). I usually get all A's and B's and these grades are just killing me. Last night I was actually crying over them. The mid-terms are coming out very soon and I don't wanna have to see these grades. My dad says that I'm just not fully adjusted to high school yet and they will get better. Is this true? Someone please give me advice :(

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by swampcritter, Oct 03, 2009
Well, your dad is certainly right in that adjustment to a new school takes a little time. You are also right to want to improve - although your grades aren't that bad in the long run. The problem is that if your grades slip you will have to work harder to catch up.

Take some time and think about why your grades are lower than you want.

In the case of algebra, you can be more successful by doing more problems than are assigned, and studying with a friend.

For English, if your grades are low because of written papers you need to learn how to edit and proofread, and also just read more so you have good examples. If your grades are low because of grammatical mistakes, spelling, or vocabulary, then you need to address those.

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by Wiley_Willow, Oct 03, 2009
I'm also 14 and a freshman in high school. I freak out about my grades ALL the time. I didn't start out too well either, but I've had to work really hard to get them up. Your dad is right about having to adjust to high school. There is more homework than middle school, more time spent studying, and for me I know there's a lack of sleep which isn't a good thing when you have to get up at 5 every morning. I'll be praying that your grades won't stress you out as much and you'll be able to bring them up soon.

By the way, I'm also a little worried about midterms. Seven exams is way too much! I'm going to try to start reviewing my tests and notes from everything I've done so far a little each week.
God Bless

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