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Fill it out

Jun 05, 2008 - 11 comments


Name: Jennifer
Age: 20 almost 21
First marriage 2 yrs
Currently TTC #1
Favorite foods: Itailan, and Chinese
Goals: Become a mother, start a non profit organization, and become a gma!
Reason for TTC: I feel women are meant to have babies. We are what keep the earth going.
Men have the sperm, yes, But without us, they'd have no place to put it!!! LOL
Future/Present Baby name(s): I was thinking of, Abbalyn or Mayla for girls. And, possibly Patrick Kyle, or Ivan Wayne for boys.

Ok your turn!!!! :0)

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512442 tn?1216259500
by itcouldhappen, Jun 07, 2008
at least one person???? LOL

377012 tn?1283965435
by motherofan18month, Jun 09, 2008
23 on july 15th,
darling son 2 years this sunday,
stay at home momma,
pizza and oreo's are awesome,
married 1 year & 1 month,
sons name kerby dylan,
future names---girl: khloe delayne--boy:keithley dalton-or-kelby dalton

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by JoyRenee, Jun 09, 2008
Name:  Joy
Age:  23
Marrieage:  4 years in October
Currently TTC #3
Favorite foods:  Potatoes
Goals:  To raise my kids
Reason for TTC:  Because we want more kids
Future/Present Baby name(s):  Caiden Isaac for a boy and Zoe Beth for a girl

512442 tn?1216259500
by itcouldhappen, Jun 09, 2008
awwwww what cute names!!!

184674 tn?1360860493
by AHP84, Jun 09, 2008
Name: Audrey
Age: 23
Marriage: Not married...yet. Hopefully soon!
Favorite foods: Italian and mashed potatoes
Goals: Raise my son. Develop my career. Hopefully marry soon. Have more children. Go on a few missions trips.
Reason for TTC: Not currently ttc...I want to be married when that happens next time!
Future/Present Baby name(s): My son's name is Trevor. I haven't really thought too much about future baby names, but I'd like to stick with Celtic/Gaelic origins.

427258 tn?1266445242
by natemomma27, Jun 09, 2008
Name: Jessica
Age: 22 (for the next 8 days...birthday is the 17th)
First Marriage: Engaged
Currently TTC: #3 (final)
Favorite foods: Pizza and Cheese Fries
Goals: Be the best mother to my children I can be and they deserve...Finish college and start my career!
Reason for TTC: I don't feel my family/life is complete just yet...
Future/Present Baby name(s): Lydia Marie and Owen Christopher (FUTURE) Nathan Andrew and Austin Martin (Current Children)

512442 tn?1216259500
by itcouldhappen, Jun 09, 2008
I like this. It helps me get to know you!! hehe

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by JoyRenee, Jun 09, 2008
Oh... I totally forgot to add "Present Child Names". My daughters' names are Elaina (3 years old) and Abigail (1 year old).

143123 tn?1274300825
by krushing, Jun 10, 2008
Name: Kristy
Age: 27, 28 August 4
First marriage: 4 yrs
Currently TTC: #3 (m/c previous 2)
Favorite foods: Japanese (Sushi), Chinese, Italian...okay all of it!
Goals: To become a mommy, an Aunt (July 22) and to just enjoy life with my husband, family and friends.
Reason for TTC: I've wanted a baby since forever and my husband and I feel that we are in a good place right now to add to our family.
Future/Present Baby name(s): Future names DH and I have decided on are Reece Hewitt & Emma Grace

512442 tn?1216259500
by itcouldhappen, Jun 13, 2008
ya'll have cute names!
DH said he likes Abbilynn Faye or Ivan Wayne now. hahha

489798 tn?1270476475
by mommyoftwo28644, Jun 13, 2008
Name: Mandy
Age: 24 will be 25 in July
First marriage: 7 yrs  only marriage
Currently TTC: #3
Favorite foods: Japanese, Chinese, Steak, Mushrooms, and all the foods from outback steakhouse... My favorite place to go!
Goals: To be the best mommy I can be, be the best wife I can be, and be the best family member and friend I can be.
Reason for TTC: I always wanted 5 Children, I was blessed with a son and a daughter and I feel like my family will be complete with baby # 3.
Future/Present Baby name(s): Future names DH and I have decided on are ???? Alexandria for a girl and a boy Jakob Alexander our daughter is Kyleigh Emmalyne and our son is Chadwin Tanner

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