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Nephrologist Visit

Jun 05, 2008 - 5 comments











Kidney disease


Kidney diet

April 18, 2008, was my first visit to a nephrologist.  I completed a special lab procedure last week and will meet with the doctor again in mid-July.  Depending on the results of the lab work I may need a biopsy.  I am seeking information to help my kidneys.  Recently I read a newsletter from Frederick, MD, that said drinking too much water can lead to kidney failure.

Since the visit in April I have started doing sit-ups and being selective in my food intake.  In early March I weighed 175 pounds (my heaviest ever!!) . . . Now (June 5) I fluctuate from 155 to 160.  I hope to compete in a fun run in late June so I plan to walk/jog/run every day to condition for that race.

I have energy and want to maintain my health so I can serve our people.  I meet with my main physician next week.  

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by Lori707, Jun 06, 2008
I just read what you read and went googling. What I read was too much intake of water that was contaminated could lead to kidney disease. I might have missed something so please tell me more. Also, on one site, I read that a person should drink 10-12 glasses of water to flush the kidneys out.

Now I'm really confused. I have my first nephrologist appointment in two weeks. I just found out I have Rheumatoid arthritis and this leads to kidney disease.

For the past couple years or so, my labs for the Glom Filt Rate consistantly is: >60. The normal range is 60.00-128.00  .  It just doesn't budge. May I ask you what your numbers are?

I also just took an ultrasound that indicates a small lesion that might be cancerous. I pray not.

Hope to hear from you soon and I hope your visit with the doctor is good,

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by DakotaGal7, Jun 06, 2008
Some days I think I get information "overload!"  Since my background is to disseminate research-based information I often question whether the research is being done accurately.  Both doctors had recommended drinking water but now I read the article and have not had an opportunity to contact the author of the newsletter or visit with either of my doctors.

NOW, water is bottled, tap, filtered, etc etc.  I recently received a water report from the community I live in and could not accurately interpret whether this water is "good!"  One report had indicated that bottled water which is kept in a sun-filled vehicle is not good (plastic!)  My personal belief is to do away with bottled water because it causes problems with landfills and SOMEONE is making money on something that we should be able to secure without a price tag!

I appreciate that you have taken the time to do your own internet research on this topic.  Perhaps we need internet sites that are screened and/or approved by our research experts at the land-grant universities!  Some internet sites do not even list the authors/credentials of their submissions.  Some states have special programs devoted to water quality.  Maybe I should contact previous co-worders in Extension on the most recent research on this topic.

My doctor has not told me about the glom filt rate - - I am not familiar with this . . . did your doctor explain more about this?

Yes, "cancer" is a big scare so we must stay optimistic, pray, and live each day fully.  In 1996 I made a list of things to do before I die.  This was subtitled, "in no particular order - for no particular length of time."  One item was to "Live in the White House" and that was followed by "Be First Lady or President."  I lived in Colorado four years ago and got to the Secretary of State office to secure a petition and then decided to wait (NOW, I am pursuing this in Montana!)  This year I have conducted research on the "independent" route in five states.  There is NO consistency.  I now need to research "write-in" procedures for all fifty states due to the cost of travelling!

Another item I wrote on my list was "Cut a Christian tape--Be Not Afraid."  I have miraculously met someone with a recording studio that will work with me NEXT WEEK!!!!  It sounds very affordable due to a great person in this business.  Although I don't plan to have a best-seller, at least I will be satisfied with something I feel I have been called to accomplish.  As I practice and concentrate on the music my spirits are elevated!  I am finding many things to keep occupied so I do not become too discouraged with health issues.

I hope to hear from you again.  You are the first person to write to me.  I located this website last night and made my initial entries after nine p.m.  Enjoy your weekend and notice the butterflies!  Lovingly, RaeDeen

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by Lori707, Jun 08, 2008
So nice for to hear from you. I'm 57 and was just diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyolgia. Been having hard time, then I get this thing about my kidney. This weekend, I could hardly catch my breath. Didn't know why. I have an elderly mother who I'm the only one that can take care of her and she's sick. I'm taking her tomorrow for a biopsy and supposed to care for her in my house. I had some pregnisone in the house and started taking that for my breathing. I felt inflammed. If it wasn't for the fact that there is no one to care for my mother, I would have gone to the hospital. I suffered all weekend and couldn't sleep gasping for air. The pregnisone kicked in a bit. I went online to google Rhuematoid Lung. To my surprise and scare, I read that people with this arthitis can also get the lung disease. I think I have it. I't still hard for me to breath and plan on just holding on until after I get my mother settled at home and then go to the hospital. I read that this Rheumatoid Lung disease is common and it's a death sentance. I'm so scared. It just progressises. If I have it, I don't know how long I would have. They say 1-3 yrs. but my RA Factor # was so high and they say that the higher it is, the more aggressive the disease is.
I hope to talk to you soon. Would like to talk through email rather than on her. Other people can see it.

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by jthedriver, Jun 08, 2008
I am 46 and for 2 years, i have seen Neurologists,  but now i really dont understand why they can not help me.  I have gait and balance issues and in PT. but my real issue is I feel drunk all the time, but i havent had a drink in 3 yrs. I was only a social drinker then. I have always been an intelligent woman and extremely physical, now sometimes i don t understand the easiest directions verbal or physical. I get the shakes like a little child that has been scared by the boogie man. and i fall all the time during this period. my vision and hearing get worse by then end of the day. The problem is my 14yr old has the same issues but he has grown out of the painful muscle spasms and he just shakes alot, but not constantly. he was diagnosed with dystonia at chop, no meds were issued they just hope he will grow out of this. my grandmother had ms and my other grandmother had her thyroid taken out. I have hypothyroidism but it maintained on levoxyl. my eeg and eng came out nrmal, massive blood work came out within limits, mri came out with spots in my T2 area. Has anyone heard of these issues or can lead me in a direction because i hate being a fumbling idiot. I want to start enjoying my life again my body can not possibly worn out already?
Thank you for any help

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by livelovelife1day, Jun 08, 2008
wow dokata gal! somone that knows what there talking bout with water, what can we do to make the water better? boil it?   just sick of it caz all that kinda stuff is why i think my gut is bad, I wanna write a book I got way more to talk bout I think my story will help alot of people and myb change somthing, or mayb give a me a grant to open a gastrolagy health center, and for the kedney thing ur lacking somthing making ur kidney stuggle, all ur organs work in a circule motion and when ur guts clogged or a valve somthing it chain reacts and caz other problems.

here this form i wrote earlier this will help forsure ur kideny are out of place i think,

docters are f  u  c king idiots! im goin threw the same thing im 25 going on to 26. been sick for 8 years 10% of life ive been n pain 1/3 of life in 8 years and seens may 20 07 ive been in pain every day 2 7 times a day 405 god dam days n a row!   bout 4000 times and 11000 times ive been n pain, its like counting days n hell! ive been taking nerve pills and been blocking my gut from the real deal not fixing, blocking! they take my gullblater,nothing happens, i've been seen by so many docs from big colleges to natrual and the only thing that seemed like it was working is viseral minipulation but still need more help findin this nasty knots in my gut, "BARREL INSTITUTE" is a school in FL but its amazing its a french practice from like 30 years ago. everybody has toxins  that make twist and knots and make pulls and reacts on all the organs and makes valve stick and fasha tissue get stuck and thats why ur getting chest pain it pulls a string like tissue thats connected to a sack like tissues around holding ur organs. ya my  lung colapsted 40% it still cramps when i go into pain and holds me down somtimes. look  at that site find a therpist or go to a massage place, some might know how to  dig in ur belly. go natural fu  c k all these medical pills  there bad for u, take  probiotic, vitaims, parisite killin pills even if u dont think so take them anywase and blame the dam government, mma who makes the pills and that passes what kinda of medical tools that US can use.  and look up russel braylock he talks bout this stuff and the cure for cancer is b 17 i think! and thats my little secrets for today haha hopfully this gives me good karma and I get better soon. goodluck to all!

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