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Coming up to two years of limbo

Nov 22, 2014 - 0 comments

Tumour was removed.  It was non-invasive, low stage, and definitely just a brief detour.

During scans, some weirdness was found with uterus/ovaries -- "likely" not cancer but I was referred to a gynecologist and am waiting for another mri (at least not brain or spine this time :P).  It looks like another surgery either way.

Although I had a bit of a resurgence of the neuro stuff after my TURBT, things have settled again.  Still some frustrating leftovers from my summer "flare" -- but much has settled and I'm hoping the bowel issues will disappear as well.

Having a lot of pain which is presumed, by my gp and gynie, to be related to the current detour.  He doesn't feel it involves a malignancy however they are being cautious because of the bladder cancer; either way I'm likely headed to surgery again.

Next neuro appointment, December 18.  I have no clue what he is going to say.  He is aware of July/August trouble.  I've had all the tests.  GP sent a note to say, basically, what else can we test for?  He never responded.  Whether this is because he thinks it's ms, has no idea, or is just completely un-responsive  ... I have no idea :P.

Should be interesting.

One of the things my gp asked -- should i be tested for paraneoplastic syndrome.  It would certainly be awesome if all my neuro stuff were some over-the-top immune response to a tumour ... although it's still happening and the tumour is gone. Praying there are no more.

I am glad, however, that limbo, which stinks at any level, has prompted investigation that have found cancer that might otherwise NOT have been found until it was more serious.  No matter which way it goes from here.

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