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Oct 10, 2009 - 2 comments

well my son is out of detox they would only keep him 3 days not enough time i feel, but what can i do ?I just pray the demon of withdraws does not rise back up and over power my sons will to stay clean this time ! the demon of addiction has beat his will to stay clean so many times in the past! the detox center said he needs a sponsor and to go to the meetings but how does he find a sponsor I'm not even sure that my son will take that step ! but i do know this with my trust and faith in GOD this battle can and will be won in JESUS NAME ! amen

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by suziq246, Oct 10, 2009
Amen to that, my son is also fighting again with the demons its really hard standing by and watching and praying he doesn't go back but as well as you know it seems to over power them....Will keep praying

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by peggy64, Oct 10, 2009
I can't imagine the pain this must be causing you. But the key statement that stood out to me was you aren't sure if he is ready to take that step. I don't know, I am sure this would be close to impossible because we want to save our children, but have you stepped back and just waited until he was ready? You have so much faith that I know it won't be long before he does get ready.

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