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scintillating scotoma


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Scintillating scotoma. Peripheral vision right side. Only lasted a few seconds. Hasn't happened for a while. Usually lasts minutes up to half an hour... not seconds. Came back again about a minute later, again lasting seconds. Thought I was imagining it the first time or maybe just something I saw out of the corner of my eye. But the second time it was really obvious it was really scintillating scotoma for sure. So shiny. Can't mistake that odd scary shiny stuff for anything else. Usually starts in peripheral vision and moves to the center of vision to take up entire vision, but this time just disappeared out of peripheral vision after a few seconds. Hope it doesn't come back. Should I take a zomig? I'm not sure. I guess I should just to be sure. I didn't feel safe driving to school in case it came back, also felt really sick immediately as it happened and had to sit down... missing the first half of class now. Will take a zomig and then go to school.

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