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How quikly things change and still remain different.

Dec 09, 2014 - 9 comments

Strange title I am sure, yet as things are it is hard to believe we have been through as much as we have. Since my last writing our lives have not stopped evolving. Earlier this month I had an colonoscopy and a endoscopy upper GI. No big thing at least that is what I thought, until I saw my primary care doctor yesterday. Seems I have Barrett's Esophagus again no big thing, that is until she through in the "C" word, and the results of a biopsy, now I am not so confident. I have an appointment with my GI doctor tomorrow. But that is not until after we have a visit with our primary care doctor to discuss MJ's breast biopsy results. All that as we are starting the reconstruction of our house that burned on Halloween night. If it wasn't for the fact we are living it, I would never believe so much could happen in one families life in such a short time span. The only thing that keeps us going is knowing that there is another side to this. Just what that is I have no idea. But I recall a book in the Bible, Job, and as he said,"I will not curse God". I may not understand the what why or how come of it, all I do know is as long as we can we shall stand against all adversarial struggles we are on the winning side  We may not like it, but this the hand we are holding. And just thank God we still have each other.

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317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Dec 10, 2014
Dear Timothy I am so sorry to hear about your home and  your and MJ's medical problems.  It is unbelievable to me that this is happening to you. I am so upset for you.
For once I can't think of words other than I am so very sorry.

Take Care, Dee

6990909 tn?1435275816
by jugglin, Dec 10, 2014
I am so sorry to hear about all of these trials you and MJ are experiencing.  My heartfelt prayers go out to you.  Prayers, prayers, and more prayers for positive health outcomes.
Like Dee above, I am so sorry.
God Bless!

4670047 tn?1375730401
by mzkity, Dec 10, 2014
Wow Tim wishing you guys the best outcome. Let us know.

4705307 tn?1447970322
by timothy141, Dec 10, 2014
I thank you both so much. As we begin the day, the asbestos abatement crew is here, yes that too is an issue, the tests came back "HOT" for asbestos, so they have to treat it like hazmat. Anyway prayers are good, thank you jugglin.
I did not mention my day actually begins with a trip to the dentist, time to get my permanent dentures and that is a good thing. I some how or actually we both are feeling confident and trust our medical team. They have have taken good care of us over the course of the past 2+ years. And handled my Hep C battle with kid gloves. And has you know we slayed that dragon, so bring it on, we will not go quietly into the night.    

4705307 tn?1447970322
by timothy141, Dec 10, 2014
All things said and done, I am in the clear. Yes I have small amount of Diverticulitis and of course Barrett's Esophagus both of which are treatable through diet and medication and yearly scoping. But MJ is not as fortunate, she does have ductile cancer. That said, it is non aggressive, of course it needs to be treated with surgery and radiation. The way Dr. Kim put it,  " It is the best of the worst". So that is it, we now move into another fight, thankfully I am healthy... that is healthier than I was, now our roles have changed. Rather than her taking care of and monitoring me I shall now take care of her

6990909 tn?1435275816
by jugglin, Dec 10, 2014
Praise God that you will be able to be her support through this...your sole focus can be on her (she can focus on her healing as well). While this may have not been the best case scenario, I am so happy to hear it is not the worst case scenario either.
You are a very strong couple with a solid foundation - such an inspiration!

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Dec 10, 2014
My Prays are with you! Sometimes we just do not understand the "Whys" but we must keep the Faith. My last 2 yrs have been nothing but heartache from loosing most of my family around the same time to having a heart procedure..SO I know how you feel and no words can heal. Give it to your God as he will open more & more doors. Some things we will never be at peace with but we must move on. Some times it feels like a good circle has been broken, but it can be put back together in a different way. I sure will keep you in my Prayers along with your


4705307 tn?1447970322
by timothy141, Dec 11, 2014
Thank you VIC,
And I agree with you, we may never understand. And yet our faith will not be shaken. I look forward to the time when we do get that chance to ask why, but in the mean time we will continue to move forward. Life is, as some may claim not fair, and yet I choose to believe this is but a learning experience for us all. I studied many different doctrines and have come to believe there is a much bigger purpose for the time we spend in "school". Again I do not know to what avail any suffering in this life may bring, but I do know removing my focus from the here and now has allowed me to continue on with this journey. I must admit there have been times I just wanted it all to go away, but that is not who I am.
Even with our house burning as an example, I was awake, smelled the smoke found it to be coming from the crawl space above the ceiling. Was able to get everybody out of the house as MJ called the fire department, who were on scene within 10 minuets and had the fire out in about another 20. Of course it made our home uninhabitable, but the home owner next door had bought a new home 5 years ago and the left this one vacant. MJ has been neighbors with him for 26 years during which time they have been like her second set of parents, and he allowed us to move in that same night. Being so close to our house is a blessing too, we are aware of all things going on. We are basically on site 24/7.
As far as MJ having cancer she is dealing with it as well as can be expected, she has always had great resolve. Although it is still so very fresh, I believe she already knew, being as to how she lost her mother over 30 years ago to breast cancer, that said, it runs in the family. But there have been so many advances in the treatment, and hers is one of the least aggressive and is situ2. I believe that is the right term. But at any rate it is contained to one duct, and her surgery will be a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatment. Rather than anything radicalized.
Do I fear of course I do, I am only human. But those too are only momentary lapses of reason.
Keep us your prayers, they work. And for what it is worth I am an example of that fact.    

4670047 tn?1375730401
by mzkity, Dec 11, 2014
Glad to hear your good news Tim. Well I'm also glad MJ has the least of the bad news she got. But still having to do surgery and radiation brings to reality of a "real effing medical scare" ! Tell her I will pray for her and send her my love. She is such a cool person. I knew you would be there for her, you guys are a great team!! I've seen it in person.

Tim: No more Pastrami sandwiches! Lol

Great about the house, all new can't be bad. Still sorry it happened, but no asbestos anymore, that's a good thing. It's also great your so close, wow that's a god send!!

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